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Title: 4x4 to Casa Ramon
Post by: BlindWilly on August 22, 2018, 01:42:29 PM
Hey Folks,
Just curious if anyone has recently been up to the NW side of BBRSP to Casa Ramon or anywhere in the Cienega area?
I'll be leading a group there in December for some exploring before hitting the rest of the park.
I know it's considered the roughest area of the park (Which is part of the appeal), and I was looking for any recent or semi recent trip reports.

Just for info purposes, there will be 3 FJ Cruisers, 1 4Runner, 1 80 Series Land Cruiser and one Ford Raptor.
The goal is E Casa Piedra Trailhead to Casa Ramon to camp. Next day we plan on exploring that whole area and returning to camp.
After that, I think we will head to Tres Papalotes area to explore.
Thanks in advance.