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Title: Gravel Pit 4
Post by: RichardM on February 04, 2013, 04:38:08 PM

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Four primitive campsites are located in the Gravel Pit area, just a short distance down the River Road East.

Site Name    GP-1    GP-2    GP-3    GP-4
Vehicles    1    1    2    3
Persons    6    6    12    15
Horses    no    no    no    no

How to Get There
Via River Road East, 1.8 miles from the junction with the main park road to Rio Grande Village. The access road to the campsite is 1.4 miles in length.

Usual Road Conditions
The River Road is maintained for high-clearance vehicles only! After rains, the River Road and Gravel Pit road are extremely muddy and may quickly become impassable to ALL vehicles. Ask a ranger about current conditions.
Current road conditions...

Ground Cover/Shade
GP-1,2,3 have NO shade available. Open desert scrub and cactus with a gravel base.
GP-4 has shade from a large tamarisk tree, and has a sandy base.

GP-1,2,3 have beautiful views of the Sierra del Carmen and Sierra San Vicente. GP-4 is close to the river, but has no view of the river.

River Access
The river bank is steep with much cane along the slopes. It is accessible by foot, but a boat launch would be very difficult.

Cautionary Notes
To minimize the possibility of theft, secure belongings when away from the campsite and while sleeping. Do not leave site unattended for long periods of time.

Check current road conditions with a ranger.

A backcountry use permit is required (available at visitor centers). Campers are responsible for regulations listed on the permit. Camping is in designated sites for minimal impact on the surrounding vegetation.