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K-Bar 2

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K-Bar 2
« on: February 04, 2013, 04:50:46 PM »

Two primitive campsites are located along the K-Bar Road, which begins two miles south of Panther Junction.

Site Name    KB-1    KB-2
Vehicles    2    2
Persons    6    6
Horses    no    4 (one trailer max.)

How to Get There
Via the road to Rio Grande Village, approximately 2 miles from the Panther Junction Visitor Center. The dirt/gravel access road to the 2 campsites passes the old ranch house (now a research station). K-Bar 1 is 1 mile from the pavement on the right. K-Bar 2 is at the very end of the road.

Usual Road Conditions
The K-Bar Road is generally well-maintained and accessible to all vehicles. Following heavy rains, the road may become quite rutted and high clearance may be recommended. Ask a Park Ranger for the latest road conditions.
Current road conditions...

Ground Cover/Shade
No shade available. Open desert-scrub vegetation.

Good view of the Chisos Mountains to the northwest. The Sierra del Carmen and Dead Horse Mountains can be seen in the distance to the east. Overall, this location offers a great panoramic view of the desert and surrounding mountain ranges, including Panther and Pummel Peaks to the southwest.River Access

Cautionary Notes
Road can become rutted after a heavy rainfall

One route to the Banta Shut-in backcountry trail begins in the K-Bar 2 campsite area. Look to the north for a primitive gravel route.

A backcountry use permit is required (available at visitor centers). Campers are responsible for regulations listed on the permit. Camping is in designated sites for minimal impact on the surrounding vegetation.
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Re: K-Bar 2
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2017, 06:22:26 PM »
We stayed there Thanksgiving weekend last year (2016). It's a very big site with lots of room for vehicles to move around. I didn't feel like there was a ton of room for tents, but that was based off of rocks and logs laid out at the site. I made adjustments and had plenty of room for my 4 person.

Getting there wasn't bad. I was in truck and had zero issues. We did see a car getting back there, assumingly to K-Bar 1, so it was possible at the time. There was a wash a little ways from the turn off  which with the recent rains that have been hittin that part of the state, maybe worse, unless they maintained it.

It's a very open and free space. You're a good mile from KB-1 and way far from the road.  Night time sky is like looking at heaven. It's amazing. The night also brings plenty of coyotes! And the morning sun coming up and shedding light on the Chisos makes for one of the best places to your morning "business",  and enjoy breakfast.
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