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Talley 2

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Talley 2
« on: February 04, 2013, 04:35:26 PM »

Four primitive campsites are located in the Talley area, on the west side Mariscal Mountain near the mid-point of the River Road.

Site Name TY-1 TY-2 TY-3 TY-4
Vehicles    2    2    3    2
Persons    8    8    12    8
Horses    no    no    no    4 (4x4 req.)

How to Get There
The Talley Road is located along the River Road, 23.2 miles from the main paved road to Rio Grande Village. Campsite TY-1 is located at the Talley/River Road junction. TY-2 is located 5.1 miles down the Talley Road. Sites TY-3 and TY-4 are located along the river at the very end of the Talley Road (6 miles).

Usual Road Conditions
The River Road is maintained for High Clearance Vehicles only. After rains, the River Road and Talley Road are extremely muddy and may quickly become impassable to ALL vehicles. 4-wheel drive may be required.
Current road conditions...

Ground Cover/Shade
TY-1 and TY-2 have NO shade. They are located far from the river with a gravel base. TY-3 and TY-4 offer minimal shade from surrounding riparian vegetation. They are located next to the river and have a sandy base.

TY-1 and TA-2 offer beautiful views of the Chisos and Mariscal Mountain. TY-3 and TY-4 have great river views.

River Access
TY-3 and TY-4 offer access to the river from the nearby boat launch.

Cautionary Notes
To minimize the possibility of theft, secure belongings when away from the campsite and while sleeping. Do not leave site unattended for long periods of time. Theft is a recurring problem at this area and every precaution should be taken to prevent damage to your vehicle and theft of contents.

Check current road conditions with a ranger. 4-wheel drive is required after any rain.

The very primitive Mariscal Rim Trail begins at this location. This is also the launching point for float trips into Mariscal Canyon.

A backcountry use permit is required (available at visitor centers). Campers are responsible for regulations listed on the permit. Camping is in designated sites for minimal impact on the surrounding vegetation.
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Offline Raoul Duke

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Re: Talley 2
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2013, 08:12:25 PM »
Talley 2 is a great site.  It sits atop a small rise just outside of the flood plain.  From this rise, you have almost unobstructed views of the open desert, Chisos Mountains, Elephant Tusk, Mariscal Moutain, and the Sierra Ponce in Mexico.  The site is very open and exposed, so be prepared for high winds.   The parking area is fairly small and will probably hold only 2 vehicles.  The tent site is fairly small also and will hold only about 2 medium sized tents.  There is no bear box at this site, so be prepared to store your food to keep the critters out.

The site is situated near the end of Talley Road, not far from the parking area for the Mariscal Canyon Rim trail and about 1/2 mile from the Rio Grande.  However, I don't recommend driving down the trail beyond Mariscal Canyon Rim Trail parking area.  A few hundred yards past the parking area, the road is washed out right above the River.  There is no place to turn around, so you likely will have to reverse your way out through very tight vegetation.

This is a great place to camp if you plan to float Mariscal Canyon, as the put-in is just down Talley Road (at the washed-out area mentioned above).

Talley Road is fairly rough, so be prepared.  It is rougher and tighter than River Road, but Border Patrol travels this road frequently and keeps it somewhat maintained.

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Re: Talley 2
« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2015, 05:43:05 PM »
i second the great views from the site!

and there are fossils right in camp



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