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Title: First trip with the new jeep!
Post by: championbaum on November 15, 2009, 04:26:05 PM
I just got back from my first trip with the new jeep. It was a blast. I didn't go on anything too difficult since i was trying to get a feel for it, i only engaged 4wh once or twice but it wasnt absolutely necessary probably. I didnt go on black gap road although i will next time. I  started on glenn sprigs road, stopped by glenn springs, traveled down to the river road and went by mariscol mines, then to the hot springs, and finally camped at pc 4, which was absolutely spectacular. the view there is great and it was a very peaceful place. I might try pc 5 next time and see if it is as good, but the sunrise might not be quite as cool because you are a bit closer to the mountains. Don't know, i am rambling. I did break down AS i was rolling into my campsite, Uturn (thats the jeeps name) was sputtering a bit when idling, and finally died as i was puling into pc 4. I had been driving around ALL day on dirt roads and it was so dusty, everything was covered with dustthought it was either the O2 sensor or a PVC valve, i had neither. BUT i guess the newer models of jeeps have CVC valves (or something similar) and it is just a plastic fitting with a hole. i cleaned the air filter(lots of dust) and cleaned the CVC valve with was plugged (i was so thankful because it was an easy fix), and didnt have any problems whatso ever on the way out. It felt nice being able to carry so much stuff with me compared to backpacking, and i ate like a pig, or family of pigs. i have some neat pics i will post later. It was a short trip, i got there about 12 am friday night/sat morning and i am at home at 3 pm sunday but it was really fun. I saw tons of javelina, and i was honestly scared of them, especially this one with spiky hair, he was looking at me with disdain and kept clomping his hooves like he was about to charge me. but i will try to organize a trip report instead of a babble and post it.

Title: Re: First trip with the new jeep!
Post by: The Scorpion on November 15, 2009, 09:06:07 PM
cant wait for the full report and pics!!!!

Title: Re: First trip with the new jeep!
Post by: blkgap1 on December 12, 2009, 08:18:56 PM
Definitely take Black Gap when you can.  My son and I hit it several times when we go to the park.  We have a habit of going back and doing it again right before we leave.  Just go slow and take it easy.  Most of the road is just rough but more deep ruts have developed over the last couple of years.  We have a stock FJ Cruiser and have no issues at all taking Black Gap.  I would image you would have no problem at all with your jeep. 

Take your time with some of the dips.  Also be sure to get out an plan your route through the toughest parts.

Check out the old cemetery at the top of the hill on your left after going through the low spot near Glen Springs.  It's on your left if you are going south on Glen Springs and turned right to go south on Black Gap.  It just adds to the mystique of how those folks survived this harsh area.