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Over-estimating your experience or under-estimating the terrain in a place like Big Bend can result in serious injury or death. Use the information and advice found here wisely. Climb/Hike/Camp/Drive at your own risk.

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Mariscal Mine Map and Key

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Mariscal Mine Map and Key
« Reply #15 on: March 27, 2006, 09:25:49 AM »
If you do a search on the Library's site "Big Bend". you get over 400 hits, though not all have to do with the park. They have a lot of the historical structures in the park and surrounding area, such as Terlingua, measured and drawn up, some with photos. Check out the pictures of the old Basin store.


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Re: Bunches
« Reply #16 on: March 27, 2006, 10:00:22 AM »
Quote from: "SHANEA"
Bunches of sites that host photo galleries for free, and free is good.  A freind of mine, she uses Shutterfly.  I just got started with Ofoto which become Kodakgallery, and have been reluctant to change to anything else as I have so many albums there.  Of course, I still have my originals on the home computer.    Kodak has teemed up with Walgreens or CVS, not sure which, to offer almost instant printing, cheap price, etc.  Overall, I've been mostly pleased with Kodakgallery.  I have one issue in that for some reason my MS IE won't work on Kodakgallery, so I have to use Netscape.  Kodakgallery allows "freinds" to easy share galleries back and forth, has an address book, and does not require viewers to become members.   :lol:

I have used Snapfish (that was recently bought by HP) for years.  I recently switched to after I read a review that said KodakGallery has the best print quality.
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