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Terlingua Ranch Road?

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Re: Terlingua Ranch Road?
« Reply #30 on: April 22, 2019, 07:04:12 PM »
All ranch roads are privately maintained and maintenance is paid for by the property owners association (POATRI).  For those that live in the city, think of it like the private lakes, tennis courts, pools and bike paths in certain housing developments.  They are maintained for the use of the home owners - not for the general public.

As an owner and part-time resident here in Terlingua Ranch, I do not appreciate people "exploring" the roads around my property unless they are my neighbors or they are researching property that is actually posted as "for sale".  The ranch is not a public park. 

And, although most of the land here is unimproved and used only occasionally by the owners, you should expect them to view you as trespassers if you are not actually a property owner and are not with a realtor. 

One exception comes to mind and that is accessing the Christmas Mountains land.  Permits are issued at the Ranch office.  I think it is understood by land owners that you cannot get to the access points without crossing private lands. 

(As a footnote, the majority of the Terlingua Ranch Road being discussed here is actually in Big Bend NP and therefore subject to park fees and park rules.  until recently, they allowed land owners to use the road if they were going directly to property in the ranch, but now you are required to pay the park admission fee even if you are only driving through to your land.)

Excellent post from a property owner's perspective. Thank you, and I feel the same way.
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