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Title: Big Bend Luck
Post by: Casa Grande on March 18, 2009, 09:05:25 AM
Big Bend Luck:  A Tuli Black Wolf Adventure
      by Devon A. Mihesuah
An empowering story of how family love and strength of character can conquer the toughest of odds.


A few months ago, I received an email from Devon Mihesuah telling me she had just completed a fictional book that takes place in Big Bend and wanted to send me a copy.  Well, after 3 months, I've finished it (been really busy as of late). 

The story is a part of a series of books from Devon A. Mihesuah.  The series portrays a young Choctaw girl named Tuli Black Wolf in a series of adventures set in America's National Parks.  The first in the series, Grand Canyon Rescue, won the Oklahoma's Writers' Federation's Best Young Adult Novel and the Arizona Writers' Association Book.

The story starts as Tuli, her mom, dad and little brother are embarking on an adventure in Big Bend National Park backpacking the Outer Mountain Loop (OML) trail in August.   Starting in Juniper Canyon, the family encounters a variety of misadventures along the way beginning with an incident that incapacitates nearly the whole family except Tuli.  It is up to Tuli to get them out of this mess so she decides to Solo hike back to the Chisos Basin via the OML in search of rescue.  This is the set up for the whole book which puts Tuli in the way of a Mountain Lion, the elements, and injury to name a few.

Written like an "after school special," this is a great book for the young adult in your home.  One could consider Big Bend Luck as a field manual for desert hiking. Not only is it a cool setting, if you've hiked the OML, you'll enjoy visualizing exactly where they are along the adventure.   It is full of keen advice for the young adventurist.  For example, I did not think of actually bringing along feminine napkins and diapers to help absorb massive amounts of blood from injury. 

Of course, the puritanical Bender in me certainly found a couple of minor geographical mistakes along the way.  For example, it is impossible to see Elephant Tusk from Leguna Meadow as stated towards the end of the book.  Aside from a few artistic liberties at rearranging the geography, Big Bend Luck is quite an enjoyable adventure.   It is especially good for the young adult. 

I'm going to loan my signed copy to my 9 year old nephew as I know he'll enjoy it.  Especially after being one of the youngest Benders to conquer the OML himself.  I was also pleasantly surprised and honored at the mention of my name and in the "About Big Bend" section at the end of the book. 

I don't believe the BBNHA has the book in the store, but you can order the book here: (