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Title: Border Crossings Ian Marshall
Post by: Jimbow on May 28, 2014, 03:25:44 PM
While not specific about the region, it is set on the International Appalachian Trail from Maine into Canada, for the truly literary minded backpackers it is worth the read.

It combined my two inner nerds, backpacking and poetry (haiku) in a neat way. He basically carries on a conversation of sorts with Basho, the great Japanese writer, discusses Basho's travels, the backpacking and biking he and his girdfriend were doing, and writing haiku along the way.

every wave
     the sea revising
          its last line

There is another one about mosquitoes that I am afraid to paraphrase but will add it when I get a chance.

By the end you have painlessly learned about Japanese haiku and how it compares to English haiku, learned about the IAT and all the great oceanside camping, and Canadian hospitality.