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Tenderfoot Teacher: Letters from the Big Bend 1952-1954

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Tenderfoot Teacher: Letters from the Big Bend 1952-1954
« on: January 19, 2013, 08:16:56 PM »
Tenderfoot Teacher: Letters from the Big Bend 1952-1954, by Aileen Kilgore Henderson, (c) 2002

This is a surprisingly excellent & enjoyable read.

I won't mention the spoilers, but, among other things, there's some good (and funny) info on the Starr homestead; a topic that has come up on BBC a couple of times in the past year.

In addition -- ever wonder why all the Native American sites are picked clean of surficial artifacts? Well, that's because in the early 1950s everyone (by which I mean [for instance] the Superintendant of BBNP) was picking them clean on almost a daily basis to add to their own personal collections! Things are a bit different now...

Henderson's letters to family & friends portray vividly what daily life was like in BBNP, and also offer a lot of detail on some of the sights & locations we are all familiar with from our own BBNP explorations. Even if the houses & buildings are no longer there, this book brings them back to life, making it easy to envision what it was like before the NPS tore them all down.

There's also some bits of juicy gossip.  :icon_lol:

Ro Wauer wrote the forward. In it, he states (paraphrasing from memory) "I initially thought...who needs another limited time-frame memoir about BiBe from a teacher? Others have been so dull." Then he says how struck he was by the letters, and the book. He is right. Then (still paraphrasing from memory), he takes advantage of the foreward to pitch his own books. Really?  :icon_rolleyes: I'm not going to re-read the foreward to verify my recollection of this, but I remember it being less than subtle.  :icon_lol:

Anyhow, unlike Terlingua Teacher, which I remember being remarkably dull...this book rocks!

Get it if you see it -- you will not be sorry!

John & Tess

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Re: Tenderfoot Teacher: Letters from the Big Bend 1952-1954
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2013, 09:58:33 PM »
Looks good , I ordered it today on Amazon but they said it was their last copy , we'll see



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