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First Timer Counter-clockwise OML 25-27 Feb Trip Report

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Re: First Timer Counter-clockwise OML 25-27 Feb Trip Report
« Reply #45 on: March 17, 2019, 08:19:14 AM »
I'll remember two quotes from you report.

(1) "Amazing, brutal, and beautiful."

(2) "My wife is 47...had never slept on the ground (much less back-packed to get anywhere in her life)"

I'd like to know - is your wife hooked, does she want to go back for more, has she sworn off backpacking, or what?
The OML may be a one-and-done for us (according to my wife), but after several weeks of blisters healing on her feet, and some reflection, she's once again showing eagerness to hit the trail.  Personally, I'd like to experience the OML again, this time clockwise and spending the last eve on the South Rim.  (Note:  Unbeknownst to my wife prior to our hike, I'd packed a flask of whiskey to enjoy with her for our last eve/camp of the hike on the South rim before our next days descent back into the basin.  Although we didn't end up staying on the rim and instead continued to the basin, we did use some of the whiskey to disinfect her blisters on the Dodson before dressing them.  I was impressed, while applying the whiskey to her raw skin, with her noise discipline as I'm sure it stung.  I ended up not drinking a drop of it the entire trip  :'().  We're currently researching/planning on hiking Marufo Vega for our next Big Bend hike.  Mule Ears recommended it and after some initial research, it looks to be another great hiking opportunity.  We prob won't get a chance to hike it until next winter though, and will probably tackle it as a day hike and travel very light but may opt for an overnight instead and plan accordingly. 
We learned a great deal on the OML about what we individually and together require to enjoy a lengthy hike.  We learned:
- What we require to limit/ease any pain from it (foot, Leukotape etc).
- How to better determine our water and especially food needs during and after exertion.
- More awareness of our physical abilities/limitations as we've gotten older/wiser.
- A better understanding of equipment load.   
I will say on equipment load, that there were only 2 things I had in my pack that I didn't use.  One was a pair of fleece gloves.  I anticipated there may be a need for them on the rim but we ended up not camping there.  I also had a lightweight, long-sleeved shirt which I didn't use as I wore the same clothes all three days (did change underwear though).   Just some thoughts.  Cheers ya'll.
I did the MV a couple of years back over New Year's. Day trip. It was beautiful, and sitting in the hot springs under the stars was a great way to finish it off.

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What a great way to ring in the New Year!



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