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« Reply #15 on: April 07, 2006, 09:29:17 PM »
The only time I've gotten a good look at a lion in the park was near RGV.  This was towards the end of the last bad drought, maybe 2002.  I had driven down the road past the RV park to the picnic area, usually a good spot to see a few javelina, and was slowly driving back out when I saw it drinking out of the irrigation ditch on the north side of the road.   This was about ten in the morning.  I can't imagine it would have let itself be caught in the open like that unless it was extremely thirsty.


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« Reply #16 on: April 08, 2006, 07:06:09 PM »
Not sure if that lion was that thirsty since the river is right there. The irrigation water comes out of a settleing pond, so it might have been cooler and cleaner...not so full of sand and silt.  The bear incident the other day in PJ was 2 houses up from me...knocked down part of her fence and might have been after some recently watered potted plants.
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Re: Thanks for your support
« Reply #17 on: April 09, 2006, 01:05:41 AM »
Quote from: "Windchime"
Was not solicitng praise for me, but for my co-workers. I am strickly overfhead here..a low level fuctionary in a large bureauacracy:)

Disclaimer: The following is MY own opinion and does not reflect that of my wife, mother-in-law, the National Park Service, The Dept. of Interior, the U.S. Government, the UN, the ACLU, the 700 Club nor the KKK.

Had a black bear tear down part of a residental backyard fence last night.
Poor critters are getting crazy about water. Some years back, talking with Billy Pat McKinney...the cat catcher out in these works for Cemtx in Mexico...he told me about the cookie jar effect...visitors feed deer, the cats come in for the deer..Result: a people vs. cat event...the cat always loses. Billy Pat has a pack of cat killing dogs and he never fails. BTW..he was not called in on the Bobcat event. Damn shame...this drought is taking its toll on the wildlife and they do not understand what is happening.  Damn!!

 You know Billy Pat Mckinney?...the one who heads the Maderas del Carmen Project in Cemex?. I crisscross emails with Bonnie, her wife. she's my main info line when it comes down to Maderas project scoops.

  How a small world it is :!:  :!:  :!:
Stay thirsty, my friends.



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