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How To Upload Pics...

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How To Upload Pics...
« on: January 22, 2006, 06:24:11 PM »
DAVE2 asked how to upload pics.  If you have a lot of pics you want to upload and allow others to view them, then use some free service like which will allow you to create photo albums on the net, using their disk space for free - free is good, and then you can share the albums with others.

To upload some pics to this board, then
(1)  Download and install the image resizer from Microsoft - which will resize the pictures so that others on dialup can view them easily - does not really change the image quality that I can tell.  Download this to your computer and run it to install it.  Then, when you RIGHT CLICK on an image, there will be an option to resize pictures.  I've been copying my big pictures that I want to upload to my desktop as a different name, resizing it is SMALL and selecting options to not rename and to make image smaller not larger.

(2)  Once you have the image resized, you can go to David's site and select the picture to upload.  Make sure you select the smaller picture that you resized and that the name is all one word w/o any spaces in it.

(3)  Once the image is uploaded, the screen in (2) will give you a file name/directory of where the picture is located.  That is the file path/name that you will use on this board to post a picture.  All you need to do is copy the file path/name from the screen, come to the board where you want to post pictures to, then inside a message body - click on the image tab at the top [Img] paste your link and then close the image tab by pressing [Img] again.  

(4)  Whole thing takes just a couple of seconds really.  Once you get the hang of it - it is simple.  You only need to download the image resizer from Microsoft one time - and it's free too!!  Free is Good!

I've also been resizing the pictures that I use to upload to KodakGallery as it is much faster and makes it easier on my freinds that don't have faster-than-a-bullet internet service.



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