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Any hiker deaths in BIBE?

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Re: Any hiker deaths in BIBE?
« Reply #45 on: August 13, 2009, 01:51:28 AM »
Rumor Is....
- the guy that died in the cave at Mule Ears was "due in court" and had "some problems" so I thought for a couple years that this was staged but then they found his "disarticulated remains" so I guess it wasn't after all.   Some cross country backpackers were circling the ears off-trail and found his backpack (daypack?) and were smart enough to recognize it as a problem and give it to the rangers who went back out there and searched upstream.
- the retired Dr from Conroe was reportedly in a arroyo between Dodson Spring and the Juniper Canyon Trailhead south of the OML Trail.   It's too bad they couldn't save him since they seemed to have gotten to him while he was still alive, maybe he had some medical problem that compounded the dehydration/sunstroke.
- the 3 illegal aliens were from Boquillas and had apparently travelled up the backside of Alto Relex to near the TC1 Campsite then split up.  It is rumored that one tried to make it to McKinney Springs,  another sought help on the Old Ore Road, and the third tried to make it back to the River.  None of them made it.  The locals in Boquillas said they were going to visit some relative having a baby in Alpine (on foot?) but I don't buy that story.   I think they were probably planning to meet a driver at the TC1 campsite and that person never showed up.  They probably waited and waited until all their water was gone and it was too late.  The closest water to TC1 is probably the springs below Roys Peak Vista campsite.    TWWG
Were the three illegal aliens actually positively identified as residents of Boquillas or had they simply crossed there? Do you happen to know their names? I had figured they were from the interior of Mexico or possibly Central America and had made the mistake of crossing through Boquillas without a local guide because of heightened border enforcement elsewhere. Nearly any male resident of Boquillas would be familiar with the area where these people died and it beggars belief that three would have gotten into such trouble so near the crossing point. 


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Re: Any hiker deaths in BIBE?
« Reply #46 on: August 14, 2009, 06:47:37 PM »
The rumor I heard was that they were from Boquillas and someone in Boquillas told the NPS that there were 3 of them (at that point they had only found the first body on the Old Ore Road) and that they were going to visit some relative having a baby in some hospital in Alpine.  Then the rangers went back and found the other 2 bodies (probably with the NPS airplane to help).  It does seem shocking that locals from Boquillas would make such rookie mistakes which leads me to believe they planned to meeting some driver (with water) at the TC1 Campsite.  That driver (apparently) never showed up and they were stuck in a bad spot with no water and no shade.

Always prepare for "plan B" in the desert because you never know when trouble will find you.  Especially if you are relying on someone else to leave water, meet you somewhere, or pick you up.  Sometimes things happen - vehicles break down, people get lost or delayed, or just don't do what they said they were going to do for a multitude of reasons.   If you find out any more details I would love to know them, if nothing else to learn from the mistakes those guys made... TWWG



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