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Land Exchange: Presidio County...

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Re: Land Exchange: Presidio County...
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2008, 07:43:45 PM »
This Land Exchange involves in holdings w/i BBRSP that had been previously reported here.  This DOES NOT involve the land exchange with John Poindexter.

Information from TPWD
Dear Mr. Allen,

Yes; you are welcome to all available documentation. The proposed land exchange would occur within Big Bend Ranch State Park. I suspect the action will be considered by the TPW Commission in late-March, but the item will not be scheduled until the appraisal of the subject tracts is completed and a contract with the landowner has been signed. I am attaching a map showing the sections of land in question. The acreages are estimates; these tracts have not been surveyed. The land that would be transferred to the landowner in exchange for the various inholdings is the land shown in white within the grey box labeled “consolidate inholding”. The tracts to be transferred to TPWD are shown in blue, and do not include the “Topado Canyon” tract.  The landowner would be paid any difference in value between the lands being transferred to TPWD and the lands being transferred to him from TPWD.
You are quite welcome. From now on, you may expect advance public notice of ANY land transaction we contemplate at Big Bend Ranch, and you may expect full disclosure of the details well in advance of consideration by the TPW Commission.




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