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Route advice from West Contrabando to Sauceda Ranger Station and water info

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Did you happen to see the rock imagery in the rock alcove above that tinaja?

If by rock imagery you mean a rock in the shape of Abe Lincoln, then yes.

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JRad, I just walked out yesterday from a 6 day hike that included much of the area you're discussing. To add to what Ranger Tim said, there is most definitely a large, full tinaja in Arroyo Mexicano just above the Mexicano Falls Trail. Ojo Chilichote also had a lot of water. I will be starting a trip report most likely in a few days, but in the mean time I will PM you with some other thoughts.

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Thanks DRS.  Got your PM and it has lots of good info.


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There was a bit of water on that big eastern bend in the canyon about a mile below the Cascades when I was there on the 5th.  Not shocked C-S is dry now, it was a trickle when I was there. It took forever for me to filter 2 liters.
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