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Title: Big Bend River Tours
Post by: cookch1 on April 13, 2018, 12:21:45 PM
Used them for a 4 day Boquillas Canyon float and have no complaints. We had a group of 7 people, mostly inexperienced with canoes.  There were 3 guides and all were friendly, knowledgeable, and organized. Definitely recommended. The food was spectacular, they were accommodating to all dietary restrictions:
Day 1:
Lunch: cold cuts
Dinner: bacon wrapped steak, baked potato, salad

Day  2:
Breakfast: breakfast burritos...potato, bacon, egg, mushroom
Lunch: chicken salad
Dinner: salmon with rice, salad, texas toast, cheesecake

Day 3:
Breakfast: pancakes, bacon
Lunch: BLT's
Dinner: chicken enchiladas with guacamole and black beans

Day 4:
Breakfast: ham and egg biscuit sandwiches
Lunch: cold cuts
Title: Re: Big Bend River Tours
Post by: Casa Grande on April 13, 2018, 12:48:26 PM
Wow.  Heck of a menu!