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Hiking Black Gap

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Hiking Black Gap
« on: April 30, 2008, 02:11:52 PM »
Anyone done any hiking in Black Gap? I've been there twice to explore but no one was around at the headquarters except a couple of dogs. There isn't much in the "office" so wasn't sure if I could just drive around and camp/hike. I know there aren't any trails.



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Re: Hiking Black Gap
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2008, 02:30:04 PM »
I have been in BGWMA many many times.

It's deserted.  Presidio and Fred would like it there, but there are rules.  It is first and foremost a WMA - Wildlife Management Area.  There are specific rules on protecting the Big Horn Sheep population out there - where you can go and when.  Hunting is the #2 thing on  the list - you can carry guns there which would help JP get his jollys  :icon_lol: 

YOU MUST have a TPWD Ltd Use Permit to be on the WMA land - this Presidio would not like - having to pay for something you have already paid for.  Although, it's only $12.  Anytime you cross into the interior you need to have this and each person must have one.  This includes driving down to the river, into the interior, etc.  They have in the past stopped me to check permits.  You can NOT buy a permit there.  You can do it by phone I believe, but there is no phone there.  You can also go to Academy, etc. and get one.  There are no facilities, no water, no nothing out there.  You are totally on your own.  Special blaze orange rules are in effect during hunting and blaze orange must be worn in camp, etc.  There are shade ramadas, picnic tables, and fire rings at most sites.  Certain parts of the area are totally closed off at different parts of the year.   If you are carrying a gun, then you must and better have a hunting lisc. also and any necessary stamps, etc.

The entire area is often closed off for special hunts.  You must check the calendar before going.

The river area is controlled by the NPS Rio Grande Wild and Scenic River.  Special rules apply for this.

Very few people venture into the interior.  I'd have an extra spare tire.  I've seen them chewed up.  Closest provisions, water, and gas,  and phone is at Stillwell store.  It's happened once, Stillwell ran out of petrol and the truck was late.  Fortunately, I had enough petrol to get where I was going.

NOTE:  If you are going to be on the Rio Grande, then you must have a river permit and you can no longer get it at Stillwells.  You must go to Persimmon Gap to do that.

It's very very harsh country out there.

You can no longer go down Horse Canyon as it is now in the GLO inventory.

I hope this helps.



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