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Moontrail Part Deux

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Moontrail Part Deux
« on: December 31, 2008, 09:46:19 PM »
I just placed my first order with Moontrail and I want to report that I am very pleased with their service.

I ordered a Eureka Zeus Classic II on clearance for $79.00 and a 2 ltr. Platypus bottle. The two day shipping was ridiculously low at $10.20. I ordered the tent over the weekend and then called Monday morning and ordered the bottle. Everything arrived in good order with no problems. The only bummer was having to pay Texas Sales Tax

I like Moontrail. They make a real effort to show actual pictures of products on their site. They give you more pictures of products than many of the manufacturers do. Sometimes the links are bad but at least they are trying. I wish them luck.

About the tent. A friend loaned me a Sierra Designs Lightyear for my Gumo trip last Labor Day. That was a nice tent but a bit smaller than I preferred. A borrowed a Zeus 1 from the same friend for a trip to Gumo tomorrow. I thought that the Zeus would be too small too, but once I set it up, I was surprised by the roominess and lenght.

I had been thinking about snagging one of the Zeus tents from Moontrail for awhile and I finally decided to go with the two man model. It weighs 4.6#, 1# more than the Zeus Solo. I figured that was a fair trade for the flexibility and extra room. Besides, since solo double wall tents are close to 4# anyway.

I know that there are lighter tents. I feel that the Zeus will give me a good balance of easy set up, reasonable weight, free standing design, and easy on the checkbook. To me it is a great value even at the price other retailers list it for.

I am headed to Gumo in the morning and plan to be on McKittrick or Wilderness Ridge tomorrow evening.

Thanks to Moontrail I will be able to give a report on how well the Zeus II works out when I get back.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Moontrail of any sort, I am just a very satisfied customer.



Offline SA Bill

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Re: Moontrail Part Deux
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2008, 11:01:39 PM »
Thanks for the update Randy!
I'll echo how nice it is to have extra pictures of the equipment they sell.

When I stopped by (I'm in SA where Moontrail is located) one day, the nice guy I talked to said that they would gladly get out any tent I wanted to see and would set it up in the store for me to see. Same with any other in-stock item...they could pull it out of the warehouse for a customer to see first hand.

I haven't ordered anything from them but probably will in the future.

Good luck in GUMO! Let us know how it goes.
Bill - In San Antonio

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