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Photon Freedom to the Max light

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Photon Freedom to the Max light
« on: May 28, 2008, 02:57:40 PM »
I have used the photon led key chain lights for years because I always like to have a light on my key chain.  I still remember the first time I got one and was camping in Arkansas wondering if I would every really need it.  Then I had to go the bathroom after dark and there was no light in the port-o-let and I found my first use for it. 

I don't like letting my kids use my nicer headlamps because they tend to find ways to destroy them and the boys don't like to wear large headlamps.  I don't like to let them use my 2AA maglights because they turn them off and leave them on the ground in the dark and I have to go find them again. 

Recently, I found that the photon microlight I have always carried in my pocket now comes with a hands free clip that can be purchased with the Freedom to the Max light or alone.  The kids like them because they clip onto their cap brims.  I even started using them because they I already have a photon light on my keychain.  I just hook it up to the clip and clip it on my cap brim or hang it from my neck using the strap that comes with the clip.  The clip has a ball in it to allow you to point it wherever you need light.

Not only do the kids like them, but when we were at Palo Duro State Park the lights went out after a storm passed by.  We had to shower the kids and get them to bed.  We went to the bathroom with our lights guiding the way and found that the electricity was out.  I clipped our microlights on the shower curtain lights and pointed them where I needed them and we had a lit shower stall!

So if you are looking for a good pocketlight or ultralight light, try this one.  They are only $20 with the clip or $15 without the clip.  They recently made the white-light version 100% brighter than the previous version.  I didn't believe it, but my wife's is super-bright.  I use the night-vision green to keep my night vision.

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Re: Photon Freedom to the Max light
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2008, 07:14:18 PM »
Who doesn't love a good flashlight!  For many years this was one of my very favorites:

It wasn't that it had Morris Code on the side or that you could make a lantern (that wasn't worth a darn), or the built in holder for a spare light bulb that makes it.

What made it really neat is that you wore it around your neck so it was there when you needed it PLUS it isn't obnoxious like a headlamp that blinds your camping buds every time you look up and say, "What?" 

A few years ago Energizer came out with a modern version of the venerable classic:

At first I scorned it, after all it couldn't be converted to a lantern, had no Morris Code on the side and was so small.  I have since come to love it because it is so small and the batteries seem to last forever when used judiciously.  Again by wearing it around the neck it is there when you need it. No searching for a light or digging in your pocket, Just remember to put it around your neck before dark or heck wear it all the time!  It is ideal for sleeping because it is so small and light that you don't even know it's there until you need it.  Anyway Energizer still makes it and it is sold in their Industrial line of flashlights:

I highly recommend it.

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