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Title: Asolo Boots
Post by: SA Bill on July 04, 2008, 09:22:15 AM
After having a new pair of Asolo FSN 95 boots for a week, wearing them around the house, experimenting with inserts, I decided that they are "keepers" last night and went for a 1 mile walk outside. Happy to report that the boots and my feet did fine. No hot spots, pretty comfortable without any inserts, good support, decent traction in the rain that began as I was finishing up the walk. Next step (pun intended!) is to get them out on some trails to see how they do. Might do that tomorrow.

Question: The laces are WAY too about 8" - 10". Why do the manufacturers send boots out with extra long laces? Just curious. What's the best way to shorten the laces? Cutting off an end leads to unravelling no matter what I try. Hmmm...I haven't tried super glue...might do that this afternoon...after I take a nice nap.   :grin:

Thanks to stingrey for the tip about these boots! Pretty decent boots (so far) at a pretty decent price point.
Title: Re: Asolo Boots
Post by: SHANEA on July 04, 2008, 09:44:02 AM
Question: The laces are WAY too about 8" - 10".    Bill[/color]

Although knowing an REI is not close by, I buy a couple of extra pairs of high quality laces and relace my boots to the correct length and keep an extra pair in the glove box.  If there is even a hint of a tear or fray before a major backpack or day hike, I will relace as opposed to carrying the extra weight of a new pair of laces.  I'm sure WholeEarth and others in your area will be more than happy to sell you some high quality laces of the correct length.

As to why they send too long laces, not a clue?
Title: Re: Asolo Boots
Post by: oldfatman on July 04, 2008, 10:14:42 AM
I tie my footwear with the excess left at the toe area.  Then cut the shoe strings near the toe area and tie a good knot than eventually looks like tassels at my toes with the loose ends frayed.  What a fashion statement!!!  The replacement pair of shoe strings are the correct length if possible. So far in forty years it has worked well for me.
Title: Re: Asolo Boots
Post by: Ay Chihuahua! on July 04, 2008, 12:10:09 PM
I usually double tie my long boot laces.  I suppose you could cut them to the desired length and then put a lighter to the ends to keep them from unravelling.
Title: Re: Asolo Boots
Post by: homerboy2u on July 04, 2008, 12:58:07 PM
One more time ,Professor....could you post the link where you bought your boots?. This is the proper thread,i am sure.

  How are you coming over from your surgery?
Title: Re: Asolo Boots
Post by: SA Bill on July 04, 2008, 05:36:16 PM
I had actually considered doing that oldfatman! Glad to hear that I'm not the only one to have such thoughts.

Hi Shane!
Whole Earth had one and only one pair of laces. Right length but strange color and seemed kinda "wimpy" as far as strength. I'll try one of the shoe stores to get some spares.

I think I'll try super glue...soak the area where I need to cut, let harden and then cut. I measured the laces that came with the boots and they are 6' long. I only need 5' of lace for each boot so I'll cut 1' off of each lace. That will leave me with one original end (there's a name for the end of a shoe lace, I think) and one glued end. We'll see how that works out.

Hi Homero!
Here's the link: (
Title: Re: Asolo Boots
Post by: SA Bill on July 05, 2008, 10:06:11 PM
Jeep needed a new tire so this morning I drove 2.5 miles to the tire shop and walked back home. I wore the new, expensive socks and the new, not-really-broken-in Asolo boots. No problems whatsoever! Not exactly trail hiking but close enough, given the condition of the sidewalks! So far I like these boots just fine.

This afternoon I performed surgery on the too long laces. I chose the cut point and soaked the area with super glue. After letting the glue harden, I cut the excess lace off, leaving the hardened glue area as the new aglet...had to look that one aglet is the end of the lace that is sheathed to allow it to be threaded through the eyelets on a shoe. Seems to have worked just fine...will see how it holds up.
Title: Re: Asolo Boots
Post by: presidio on July 06, 2008, 10:00:35 PM
I think I'll try super glue...soak the area where I need to cut, let harden and then cut.

Use some quality heat-shrink tubing of the proper size and you'll have an end tougher than the one it came with. Super glue will work but isn't the first choice. Another alternative is to take an old paring knife you have no use for, heat it in a flame and then just press it across the lace. It will cut and seal at the same time, just like the fancy rope cutters.

(there's a name for the end of a shoe lace, I think)

It's called an 'AGLET'
Title: Re: Asolo Boots
Post by: SA Bill on July 07, 2008, 06:45:11 AM
Hi Homero!
Sorry! I posted the link but didn't answer your other question. I'm doing well! Walking 2-3 miles each day to get ready for a hike to the S Rim in October.
Thanks for asking!
Title: Re: Asolo Boots
Post by: stingrey on July 07, 2008, 07:10:27 AM
I can't say enough about those shoes! Xception is the one who pointed the brand out to me, and chance is the only reason I happened upon the FSN 95's on eBay since they were my size, etc. Glad you're enjoying 'em... I know I am, too! My laces weren't too long and they fit just fine, so I must've lucked out or something. Are you using all four of the fast lace eyelets @ the top?

On the inserts, I don't use inserts on mine, but instead I use aftermarket insoles. Inserts sorta throw off the dimensions of the shoe itself. Insoles replace the inner footbed and keep the shoe's dimensions as they were intended to be while improving upon the stock beds that your shoes came with. I'm not sure that the Asolos needed any aftermarket beds, though, and I only use some in my shoes 'cause I have an awesome set that I used in my since retired boots.
Title: Re: Asolo Boots
Post by: SA Bill on July 07, 2008, 07:46:22 PM
Thanks presidio!
So far the super glue is holding up well. I've tried heat shrink before with less than stellar results. Maybe I didn't have just the right size.

Hey stingrey...yeah, laced all the way up they were way long. Better now that I've removed 12"! Up to now I've been using the boots as they came out of the box. Tonight I put in my Power Step insoles to try. I have high arches and the Power Steps gives a lot of support. Feels a little tight compared the the original insoles but better on the arch area. I'l have to put a few miles on them this way and see which way works best in the long run. Other than the long laces, these are working out to be good boots!
Title: Re: Asolo Boots
Post by: stingrey on July 20, 2008, 10:45:30 PM
As a quick follow up to these boots, the bottoms of my feet have NEVER been so pleased after hitting a trail such as South Rim for two consecutive days (up once and then back down)... But thankfully I had moleskin on hand since the back of my ankles got hotspots just after getting pretty near to the TM campsites. Though my ankles weren't too damaged since I had moleskin on hand, I did get a small blister on my right ankle with a light rub area on my left ankle. That normally doesn't happen to me unless I'm wearing dress shoes. Being said, make sure to hit Government Canyon with a full pack a few times to see how your shoes hold up, but be prepared for the worst just in case! Either way, "the worst" in this case wasn't too bad. Like I say, minor problems... Bottoms of my feet aren't even showing ANY wear from that long walk. Might've just failed to lace my shoes tightly enough or something crazy. I'm still very pleased w/these shoes overall.