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Title: Must Have's
Post by: SHANEA on October 12, 2006, 12:53:12 PM
Three new recommendations for you to purchase to make your BIBE trips more complete.  All are available from BBNHA @
1.  Topo Map of Terlingua - Chisos Mountains Texas
2.  Topo Map of Big Bend National Park Texas - one huge map of the entire park.  Suitable for framing, but I'll carry mine with me.
3.  Video/DVD of Land of Contrasts Big Bend National Park.  When you get withdrawl symptoms, you can pop this in the machine and feel like you are there.  Also a great gift for those that "don't get it".  I purchased one on my most recent visit for my next door neighbors who always talk about going to BIBE, but haven't made it yet.

Also, how do you know you "get it".  Well, those that "get it" have BIBE Lisc plates.  I was on the river this trip with the Friends of Big Bend who derive the benefits of the lisc. plate sales.  Outstanding group of people that "get it".
Title: Must Have's
Post by: Doc Savage on October 13, 2006, 12:39:28 AM
Does it count if I've gotten 3 of the BIBE topo maps? Forgot it on one trip, couldn't find it on another and just bought new ones when I did. I finally built a map rack in a cabinet of the Motorhome with all the park maps in one slot, topos in another, Gazzetters and atlases in another, and trail info brochures in another.