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Title: Guadalupe Ridge Group Trip Planning
Post by: wrangler88 on May 18, 2018, 11:47:03 AM
I have several itineraries planned for GUMO starting in September. I hope to get out there 3 times between September and Spring. I have really come to enjoy my solo trips out there. But I'd love to do a trip with other GUMO enthusiasts.

I'd love to do a Guadalupe Ridge trip from Carlsbad Caverns to Guadalupe Peak over 4 - 5 nights in late September. Some of the extras I'd like to add into this trip are a trip down into the caverns, a hike down Manzanita Ridge into Dog Canyon campground, and summiting the 4 highest peaks in the Guadalupes (instead of taking the Tejas Trail down into Pine Springs and back up to Guadalupe Peak by itself). The way my schedule works out now, it'd be a Friday - Tuesday Night trip. Either August 31 - September 4 or September 28 - Oct 2. I'd rather wait until the end of September. However, I'd like to put this out there to see if there is any interest from anyone here to join in on this trip. It'd take staging a vehicle at Guadalupe Mountains and at Carlsbad Caverns to be able to shuttle. If anyone is interested at all, or has comments or suggestions, let me know. There are definitely more details already planned and more yet to plan, but it's a lot to type out if there isn't any real interest.

If there isn't any interest in this trip, I am also considering a trip to Shumard Campsite for 2 nights and some exploration of the West side of the park in Winter and also a few day trip exploring the North side of the park (possibly car camping at Dog Canyon). But no dates are yet set.
Title: Re: Guadalupe Ridge Group Trip Planning
Post by: wrangler88 on July 21, 2018, 09:55:51 AM
For anyone who might have missed this ...

I am now going to GUMO August 3 or 4 - 8th for sure. If anyone is interested in doing the ridge route (yes in the heat), I'm still up for giving it a shot.

If no one is interested and I don't have a second car to shuttle me back to my car at the end of the ridge route, I am just going to ramble around the GUMO backcountry and anyone is welcome to join.

Probably still do some off trail stuff. But no crazy miles or anything.

Either way, I'll have a trip report, pictures, and some videos coming in a few weeks.