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Sleeping without a tent?

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Re: Sleeping without a tent?
« Reply #90 on: May 11, 2008, 06:11:42 AM »
After having tested out my new Big Agnes SL3 in my Emory Peak trek over last weekend, I'd have to say that my tent was VERY enjoyable. The thing is vented perfectly, kept me bone dry despite the rain in the mountains, and all in all it seems unflappable when staked down properly. Here are some pics of the tent in action, one is without the fly just for reference since I slept with the fly both nights, and the other is obviously with the fly.

In addition to being able to sleep with or without a fly, this freestanding tent was a JOY to set up. Pop in the four corners of the main pole set, pop in the other two on the middle's support system, you have a tent. Clip in the six sides of the fly using a belt or waist strap type clip system, and you have a fly. Find a rock to beat in the ultralight stakes, you're staked down. If the weather is calm, you're set in about two minutes or so. ONLY drawback of this system I can see would be if the wind is carrying a huge amount of super fine dust. In this case, that said dust might make its way into the SL3 possibly more easily than with another tent.

It didn't really, really pour on me the second night up in Boot Canyon (BC4), but it did rain a bit, and there was some wind. MOSTLY there was a spectacular light show and an UNBELIEVABLE thunderous chorus that echoed in the canyon to a degree that is difficult to describe. The sound was AWESOME. The reverberation of thunder up in that area was beautiful. Anyhow, back to the tent... It rained, and yet I stayed bone dry, even with the slightly windy conditions. This is also the night where I staked this bad boy down properly. The wind didn't seem to even be there, though I could hear it all around me.

The tent, poles, footprint and even the ultralight stakes all seem very durable, and I'm very happy to have selected this as my second tent as an addition to my $20 Academy special (which has yet to be used). Though I may want to still pick up a bivy at some point, this tent is light enough that I might not ever truly consider that option given the fact that I can have more room in this lightweight beast. I highly recommend Big Agnes... Not only because of their product functionality for what it is, but also because their customer service is unparalleled. Read the reviews, and then read the stories from actual owners. These guys stand behind their gear, and that is always a major plus!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention... I also really like how this tent seems to blend right into the surroundings. Not that I would've been sad to have this gear in another color, but it was really cool to have a somewhat muted color in the picture when I was hiding out and looking for my next photo subject. If you want to see how much of a breeze this is to set up, check out this (but see DISCLAIMER below) . May not be for the larger SL3 that I've got, but it will give you a great idea of just how simple their gear is to set up.

As a DISCLAIMER (if you watch the youtube video) do NOT try to step on your stakes to press them into the ground like this guy did!!! At least not in Big Bend. I almost had a stake through my foot experience up on the mountain! Thankfully I was cautious about the "saw this on youtube" actions I was taking, and I narrowly avoided having an impaled foot! :)

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Bgi Agnes SL3
« Reply #91 on: May 11, 2008, 08:22:11 AM »
No wonder the Big Agnes SL3 , is featured as on YouTube.
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