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Dominguez Ridge Run - Jack's Pass to Pt 5386

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Offline Lance

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Dominguez Ridge Run - Jack's Pass to Pt 5386
« on: March 13, 2015, 04:43:05 PM »
After summiting Elephant Tusk, I met up with elhombre at the ET trailhead and camped for the night.  The week would start at the Dominguez Spring Trailhead with the next night two nights camping near the Dominguez Spring ruins.  To minimize our risk of getting things potentially stolen at the DS trailhead, we packed any excess gear into one vehicle and left it along Black Gap Road taking only our backpacks with us in the second vehicle.  The weather that morning was chilly in the 40s and the winds kicked up occasionally.  As the day wore on, it warmed up some and for the most part was a pleasant hike in.  We detoured along the way to go check out Del Dodson's ruins near East Punta Spring.  After that we headed to the ruins and prepared for a long hike that started from Jack's Pass and ran the ridge all the way to Pt 5386.  From there it was back down to Fisk Canyon and then to Dominguez Spring to complete the loop. 

The ridge run provided fantastic views in all directions and some great scrambling.  It was definitely worth doing!  We even saw a large herd of aoudad about halfway through on ridge far below us (see video).  Once we got to the final high point, I got a chance to see Pt 5386 up close.  5386 is actually split into two peaks, with the higher peak being further east.  We saw no easy way up either one and evaluated them be a technical climb at best, a nightmare at worst.  After getting a good look I marked it off the list of peaks I wanted to climb.  From the high point we headed down a gully to the south of 5386 down some scree in a few sections.  We saw some really cool hoodoos around the base of 5386 as we descended.  Once we got down we dropped in a drainage that ultimately leads to Dog Spring and then into Fisk Canyon.  The drainage had three to four pouroffs with the final one being Dog Spring (no water).  Some of the pouroffs would be very difficult to climb back up so it was a good thing we did the loop clockwise.  Here's some pictures/video and gpx/kmz files are attached.

Rock corral near East Punta Spring.  The ruins of Del Dodson's house were a little bit further.

Closeup of the rock corral.

An old photo of Del Dodson with his home near East Punta Spring and the ruins today. 
You can see some similarities in the rocks near the base of the ruins.

A metate that elhombre found near the ruins.

East Punta Spring

Some sort of marker for the East Punta Spring?

Dominguez Spring as it flows towards the old dam.

The start of Dominguez Spring where the water flows out from beneath the rock.

Jack's Pass

Summit of Pt 5030 looking south.  Pt 5168 left-center.

An unnamed point north of Pt 5030.

Elephant Tusk and Dominguez Mountain from the eastern summit of Pt 5030.

An arch between Pt 5030 and the unnamed point.

Southern summit of unnamed point.

South Rim and the rest of the ridge to Pt 5386.

elhombre scrambles a section of the ridge..

Summit of Pt 5234.

The ridge at the summit of Pt 5234.

The southern flanks of Pt 5386.

The east side of Pt 5386.

Looking south at the entire ridge.

Closesup of Pt 5386.

Looking back towards Dominguez Spring.

Descending the gully to the south of Pt 5386.

Some cool hoodoos around the base of Pt 5386.

Pt 5386 before the drop in the drainage that leads to Dog Spring.
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Offline dprather

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Re: Dominguez Ridge Run - Jack's Pass to Pt 5386
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2015, 04:49:47 PM »
Awesome - thanks
Leave "quit" at the car.  Embrace the trail as your friend.  Expect to enjoy yourself, and to be amazed.


Offline WayneG

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Re: Dominguez Ridge Run - Jack's Pass to Pt 5386
« Reply #2 on: March 13, 2015, 05:48:16 PM »
Great images and TR Lance!   :eusa_clap:
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Offline mule ears

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Re: Dominguez Ridge Run - Jack's Pass to Pt 5386
« Reply #3 on: March 14, 2015, 08:06:17 AM »

Lance and elhombre fantastic walk!  When I walked around the bottom of the Punta in 1998 we came across Del Dodson's ruins not knowing what it was.  I thought it was just a line camp and back then we didn't know a spring was nearby either (it was during a tremendous drought and it probably would not have had water anyway).  We took a rest break there and I found the metal remnants of a harmonica laying there.

The ridge run looked like a lot of scrambling, especially through the cliff bands on the unnamed point.  I would not feel bad about not climbing pt. 5386, the real accomplishment was making it there, the view would not have been much better anyway.

As always thanks for all the detail and the great photos.
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