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Frio River Trip Report June 20-24

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Frio River Trip Report June 20-24
« on: June 25, 2016, 08:11:46 AM »
Maybe not the type of trip the usual Big Benders take but thought I'd give some quick info on how the Frio River is running.

We just completed our yearly, multi-family trip to Concan, Texas.  We think this was our 14th year.  Having gone all the years through the drought this was one of the better years water wise.  The river is benefitting from all the spring rains.  We stayed like always at Neal's Cabins and never left the Concan area.  Local business people said they were seeing large numbers of people due to the good river level and the fact that a lot of the Guadalupe is closed to tubing due to water releases.  We were there Monday - Friday and it didn't seem that crowded.  Never went up to the dance at Gardner since it's easier to walk to Joe Jimmy's and let the kids hang out there at night.  Although we've always had a great time there it seems like they've went up a notch in band quality.  They had 2 bands the nights we were there and both were really good country bands.

Like I mentioned, the river was really good. The flow was nice and steady but no really dangerous spots.  Tubing from Seven Bluffs to Kenneth Arthur crossing was my favorite.  Steady floating with some gentle tube rocking rapids here and there.  The long "chute" as we call it was especially fun.  I'm referring to the spot that's about 100 yards long where the river cuts through some solid rock and there's a low ledge on one side.  You feed into that and hit one little wave after another all the way down.  You can exit at the end and run back up along the edge, jump in and go again.  Everyday we tubed that I ran back up with the kids to re-float it! 

That section, Seven Bluff to Kenneth Arthur was a little under 2 hours to float.

Floating Kenneth Arthur back to Neal's was right at 2 hours, maybe a bit longer.  The river was good in that section as well with no walking or butt dragging.  The waterfall was rushing pretty good and most people were walking around it.  Of those that went down it, I'd say a third got dumped over! 

The swimming hole was, well, it was the swimming hole!  Lots of families and kids.  The slide was going and everyone was doing flips, dives and just plain old jumps off the rock.  The river has seemed colder in the past.  All the springs along the banks were flowing clear cool water.   The clarity was excellent as always.  Our cabin is on the other side of the highway and we could float right under the bridge all the way to our cabin.

Really looking forward to an early winter trip to the Bend but the Frio with the family and friends is always a great trip.


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Re: Frio River Trip Report June 20-24
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2016, 10:31:54 AM »
Awesome! Got any pics?



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