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Big Bend Motor Inn

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Re: Big Bend Motor Inn
« Reply #15 on: December 10, 2012, 02:34:23 PM »
In 2007, the (former) management of BBMI screwed us out of our reservations after an epic 14-day hike, and I posted (elsewhere) my irate feelings about that, and that I would never stay there again.

Since then, the management has changed, most definitely for the better.

These are still pretty much last-resort lodgings, unless all you need is a bed.

The (less expensive ~ $70 a night) Mission Lodge portion (across the road) is as basic as it gets. A double (queen?) bed, a table, chair, TV (maybe 4 stations), and a shower. Functional, but not somewhere to while away the day.

The main portion is more expensive (~ $90 a night), and adds a 2nd bed.

All beds that I've tried (in any units, over the years) look like this in profile:


that's with nothing on them.

As soon as you sit on the bed, the profile of the bed looks like this:


ha-ha...  :icon_rolleyes:

And there are spots in the floor, especially near the shower & bathroom sink, where you feel as if your foot may burst through the sagging floor at any moment. And in some of the rooms, you'll wonder as you turn on the shower whether the tub & shower will detach from the main structure at any moment, since the drywall cracks are pretty ominous looking.

Having said that, the showers are hot, the water pressure is good, the wifi signal actually works now [edit -- no wifi @ Mission Lodge] all in all it's tenable.

Having said that -- the $2 showers in the back are just as hot, and with a lot more room & better facilities.  :icon_lol:

Current grade?  Rooms - 2.5, Value - 5, Service - 7.5/8?

Remember they close up at 10:30pm (IIRC), so if you get there later than that, you may find yourself sleeping in your truck...   :eusa_doh:
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