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The NPS at the Grand Canyon just can't catch a break

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The NPS at the Grand Canyon just can't catch a break
« on: February 18, 2019, 02:14:21 PM »
For a while, it was all the talk about how the NPS allowed sexual harassment to continue with in ranks at the Grand Canyon.  Now this further illustrates what can happen when the govment is in total control.

I especially like the part where they simply went and dumped the uranium back in the mine that will need to be cleaned up  as SuperFund Project.  Then they bring the radiative buckets back and store them in the museum.   I'm sure they washed them out real good.   :eusa_doh:   Hope they do a better job than they did when they released all that contaminated water into the Animas river.
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For 2 years the Fake News Media, Obama's FBI, CIA & DOJ, and Swamp dwelling Politicians COLLUDED, Illegally Spied,and LIED to America about POTUS in order to overturn an election

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Re: The NPS at the Grand Canyon just can't catch a break
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2019, 03:22:56 PM »
There's a really good PBS movie on DVD titled Uranium that'll clear some of the "radiation safety" stuff up. It's surprising how little impact that Chernobyl and Fukishima had on the surrounding area, post disaster. I'm not saying that's it ok to line your mattress with Uranium ore but it's not a slam dunk that anyone was particularly harmed by "exposure" to Uranium ore, aka Pitch-blend, at the Grand Canyon site. Maybe I missed it but I didn't see anything in the article that talked about how much above background the area was. Probably because the author didn't do his/her research... surprise!

Pitch-blend (Uraninite) is a bastardized version of the German word pecheblende. Peche means black, the color of the ore. Back in the day (15th century), silver miners hated the stuff because it meant that silver vein had run out. Pitch-blende is the source for Uranium and Radium but it has decay products like Helium, Lead, U238, U235... U235 is what makes "the bomb" work.

The sample in the photo below is about 1/2" long and it's stored in a little medicine jar. When I aimed my radiation detector at the metal plate that it was sitting on, after I removed it, there was no radioactivity. When I hold the detector 12" away, nothing changes, ie just background radiation, the natural kind. Put it within an 1/8" and the detector goes nuts.  I don't touch it or directly handle it. I probably could but the word probably is enough of a deterrence. Idk... again, I'd like to see what the background radiation was when the samples are in the room. The mine won't be a superfund site because pitch-blend is naturally occurring. Side note- Uranium was formed in exploding stars.

The Animas river incident was just stupidity... with a smattering of arrogance.

There are cancer treatments that cause the human body to be much more radioactive (for a brief period of time) than Uranium ore could or would.



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