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Over-estimating your experience or under-estimating the terrain in a place like Big Bend can result in serious injury or death. Use the information and advice found here wisely. Climb/Hike/Camp/Drive at your own risk.

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Shane's Sierra Club Presentation

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« Reply #15 on: March 10, 2006, 09:48:09 PM »
Let me dust off my milk carton and get up on my soap box, probably get a reprimand from the moderator, but I don't think I'll get banned.  NO, I don't think it will happen anytime soon in Texas.  Texas is in horrible shape financially due to an inept legislature.  We can't even figure out how to fund our schools or pay for textbooks.  The cost of going to College in Texas has gone through the roof.   I"ve noticed over the years that the roads are getting worse and worse.  Louisiana used to have the worst roads.  We've closed down many road side rest areas to save money.  Texans can play the lottery and bet on ponies and dogs, but can't legally pull a handle or toss some dice - but if you go a few miles to Louisiana - the parking lot is full of nothing but Texas plates - Texas dollars flowing into Louisiana.  The legislature is controlled by special interest groups.  Even at the local level, things are not much better.  In Nacogdoches county we have to have "memberships" to go to a restaurant and have a beer or a scotch.  You basically have to have a membership at each place you go - most don't go the Unicard route.  Fortunately, you don't have to have a membership to buy beer or liquor from the local stores.  Just down the road in Angelina County - Lufkin, Lufkin is the wettest dry county there is.  There is NOT a single liquor store nor a single stop-and-rob that carries any form of alcohol, except cough medicine.  BUT, in Lufkin, you can go to almost any restaurant and get your self drunk silly.  The county lines around Angelina county are stuffed with liquor stores.    The will of the people has been lost somewhere.  Any form of tax or fee is "dirty" in Texas.  So, no, I don't expect the state to have any funding in place for TPW.  I expect more parks to be closed and turned over to local cities, Lake Houston State Park was closed and turned over to the City of Houston.  I expect the State to sell off parts of BBRSP to Poindexter.  I expect more state parks to be closed or reduced in size.  The legislature would rather see, due to special lobyists, the park land returned to private land owners.

Ok, I feel better now.  I'll put the soap box and step stool away.
Moderator says:  no reprimand needed.



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