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Mexico 2010

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Mexico 2010
« on: September 29, 2010, 01:04:26 PM »
For some background my husband spent a lot of 2009 working in Saltillo and Guadalajara and met some really great people that he wanted us to meet.  So our 2010 vacation was 9 fabulous days in Mexico.
The first five days were spent in Puerto Vallarta. We stayed in Bucerias which is south of PV but as we rented a car we did not mind the short drive. We arrived late on a Saturday afternoon, rented our car and checked into hotel. We stayed at the Royal Decameron Costa Flamingos all-inclusive resort.  I would stay there again. It was cheap, clean, and had a great beach and the food was great too.

Sunday was a free day; we just got settled in and reserved our tours. On Monday we took a zipline canopy tour. It was a really great experience and I would recommend it to anyone. The rain forest was amazing?

On Tuesday we did an ATV tour, it was my least favorite. I would have preferred a hiking tour but to keep the peace and the boys happy I concurred. It?s not that it wasn?t fun because it was but it was just too hot and I think I overheated that day.

On Wednesday we did a snorkeling tour, which turned out way better than I expected. I?m not an ocean person, I think I watched Jaws just way to many times and I get seasick so I was not anticipating a good trip.   But for the guys I sucked it up and I?m so glad I did we had the best time?I did get a little queasy but as long as I kept my eyes on the shore I was fine..I jumped in and went snorkeling and I loved it. I guess the saying don?t knock it until you try it applies.

Thursday we took the bus from PVR to Guadalajara. That was an experience..Probabl y the nicest bus I have ever been on I don?t really understand the curtains over all the windows though, someone told me it was because the roads are so narrow that it scared the passengers..??  It was a smooth ride though and we were met at the bus station by our friends in Guadalajara. They took us to the car rental place and we picked up our car and went our hotel (Hotel Morales). We stayed in the middle of downtown which looking back now probably wasn?t the best idea logistically but the hotel was beautiful. 

 At this point I have to say it makes all the difference in the world having someone local to be your guide. They met us Friday morning at the hotel and we followed them to breakfast where we met their two sons, one of which was the same age as our son.  I have decided video games and guitars are the universal language for all teenage boys. Needless to say those two were inseparable the rest of the trip.  We went to the zoo after breakfast, which was super big and super nice. That evening they took us to a centennial festival with authentic dancing and food and vendors everywhere, just the best experience. The next day they met us downtown and we walked all over downtown and went thru several of the beautiful churches and just admired the architecture of the old buildings. We walked from one end of town and took the subway back, which was my first subway trip. Next they took us shopping, which I?m not a shopper myself but I really enjoyed the local artist?s wares and even a glass blowing factory.  We called it an early day and went back to the hotel and packed everything back up and flew home early the next morning.
I have to say the best part of this trip were the people. Everyone was so nice and my husband?s friends became our friends and we are hoping they can come and visit us so we can return the favor. We would not have and the great experience we did without them.
Here is the link to all the pictures



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