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Yellowstone 6/6-6/10

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Yellowstone 6/6-6/10
« on: June 29, 2011, 05:33:31 PM »
I haven't got much of a report compared to my last outing to YS (or Big Bend for that matter), but this trip was just as fun as the others before it... Too short though. We arrived on 6/6 and left on 6/10 where 6/10 was not spent in the park at all. WAY too short.

Whatever the case, the trip started out with the usual... Bison were everywhere! Snow was still on the ground... In fact, it snowed on us on 6/7 for a good portion of the day. 6/8 (I believe) we heard that Tower to Canyon was open, so we headed up and over. The snow on the ground was still quite deep. Maybe 6 ft on average.

6/8 in the afternoon we watched a coordinated defense between pronghorn and elk fending off two canines, but a third canine popped up out of the grass and at least three canines of some sort took down a pronghorn that had made its last run.

6/9 we saw a bunch of the usual, but also saw some grizzlies. A mom and two yearlings... After that we also got to watch two coyotes (I think) for quite some time. Took some close pics of these guys, so you are welcome to correct me if I didn't get it right. Whatever the case, the trip left me wanting way more time in the park.

In this case, I was a tour guide for my parents. We saw bears every day, but only one black bear. We saw bighorn, we saw a chase/kill, and in general we had a good time.

Wish I could type more, but I have been typing all day long. Just wanted to post this before I forgot! Enjoy!

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Re: Yellowstone 6/6-6/10
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2011, 06:57:49 PM »
It looks so COOL there.  Great pics! 

I can't wait to see some 30-40F weather when I'm in the area next month.  Sick of this triple degree stuff everyday.  I'm ready to switch to measuring in Centigrade so the numbers don't look so bad :(



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