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End of the Road

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Offline tinneyr

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End of the Road
« on: November 16, 2006, 03:16:13 AM »
Does the River Road continue NW beyond Candeleria?  Someone had told me that the road was washed out and not usable.  I had planned on taking the road and eventually connecting with the highway a few years back but instead headed NE on a back road to Marfa after my stay at Chiniti Hot Springs.  I was also wondering what the scenery is like up in those parts.


Offline Roger, Roger

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End of the Road
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2006, 08:26:57 AM »
I have wondered about this myself.  I know there is a dirt road (called the Green River Road) that goes South out of Van Horn all the way to the Rio Grande.  But it's probably 50 miles along the river under the Sierra Vieja before you reach Candelaria from is there a public road over that area?  I think one of these days the Border Patrol will extend a paved road all the way to El Paso.  That would be quite a scenic drive...El Paso to Lajitas on the river the whole way.



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Re: End of the Road
« Reply #2 on: November 16, 2006, 09:38:19 AM »
Quote from: "tinneyr"
Does the River Road continue NW beyond Candeleria? I was also wondering what the scenery is like up in those parts.

Somewhere on this board, do a search on Candeleria probably, is a discussion on this and a trip report.  Yes, the road extends NWupwards.  Went probably 20 miles up it one day several years ago, getting late and decided to turn around.  Very nice scenery, very "tight and narrow" road, actually in pretty good shape as there are a number of ranches out that way.  You will get your vehicle scratched up from low hanging branches, etc.  Also, very spooky out that way - lots of "river crossings" into Ole Mexico.   Pablo Accosta and his men/women, Drug Lord, used crossings in the area to export their wares into the USA.  (If you've read the book Drug Lord, you will know why it is spooky).    We encountered quite a few of the border patrol in the area too (probably four different vehicles).  There was a fixed wing aircraft also in the air.  Stopped and talked to some of the border patrol up on the road through Pinto Canyon.  Buddy of mine got tailed by border patrol all the way into Marfa, but never stopped.



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