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A hike up Mount Livermore

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A hike up Mount Livermore
« on: April 19, 2012, 05:25:18 PM »
This past weekend was one of those weekends that the Nature Conservancy opened up the doors to the Davis Mountains Preserve.  I've wanted to summit Mount Livermore for some time so I decided that this weekend was the one.

I flew out of DFW Friday evening to El Paso and spent the night in the Indian Lodge in Fort Davis State Park. I had never stayed there before and it's a place I'd stay in again.

Saturday morning I along with a hiking buddy from Oklahoma set out for the preserve. The weather was pleasant but windy (nearly 50 mph on the Livermore summit) and we made a side trip to Tobe Springs before hitting the summit.

Tobe Spring:

Nearing the summit:

Views from the top:

Wildlife along the trail:

After spending about half an hour at the top (we had the summit to ourselves) we headed back down.  The wind was too much to try and climb Baldy Peak and I completely walked by the aspens without seeing them (which means I need to go back).  Dinner was at the Indian Lodge again before spending the night at the Stone Village in downtown Fort Davis. That's another place I'd highly recommend. Sunday morning was spent meandering around Fort Davis National Historic Site before heading back to El Paso.  Definitely check this place out if the opportunity presents itself.

Edit to add: I forgot to post a link to the photos:!i=1802604385&k=Hpwtvpv
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