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Jeff David County frequencies needed due to no coms/ death.

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Ok guys and girls, the title is real. I spent a little time last week researching as much as i could about Jeff Davis County Texas and what frequencies i could find to plug into my radio for our upcoming Boy Scout trip in a few weeks. We are headed to BTSR in Jeff Davis county. I always plug in local police, fire, ems, ham repeaters, BBARC, etc into my radio before heading out for long scouting events incase of emergency. I have been told that where we will be located on the ranch that the closest phone is miles away and that there is no cell reception. Unfortunately 3 days ago, a young boy died exactly where we are headed in a few weeks. The terrain is rough, and its been hot. It will only be worse when we get there in a few weeks. He was dehydrated and lost consciousness. The adults with the group performed CPR on the young man for approximately an hour and a half before a border patrol helicopter arrived, but by then it was too late.

I bring all this up because i am hoping that someone out there can help me find more frequencies for this specific area. We are leaving for that same spot in a few short weeks, and know that without coms that it could literally mean life or death. If anyone has any frequencies for that area PLEASE share them with me. I was originally going to take my Yaesu because its dual band, but have decided instead to take both my EFJ 5100 because it will do P25 and my Yaesu. I have been licensed by the state of texas as a firefighter/paramedic/ Search and Rescue personnel since 2009, So please don't read me the riot act about how i shouldn't be using any police, fire, ems frequencies. No, i do not work for the county that we are heading into, but if anyone has a problem with me using these frequencies, they can bring it up with me and report me to the FCC if they would like after we get the needed help. It would only be used in a life of death emergency, so I'm still covered there even without the paper trail to back up my use, as the FCC allows communications on those restricted frequencies for the preservation of life. I only bring this up because i asked on a different forum and was read the riot act in public and in PM about how it would be "illegal" for me to use the frequencies even if i had them. Lets all be grown ups about it and understand that if it was your child that we were performing CPR on for an hour and a half, that you would say screw the rules and call for help any way you can!

Any frequencies that you know work will greatly help. If you think that it is a frequency that shouldn't be shared, please feel free to PM me. I am trying to find the Tx, Rx, and PL/NAC codes as well if possible so that we would be able to communicate in an emergency.
I have also looked into renting a Sat phone and the best i can come up with is a 3 day rental during that time frame. I looked into PLB SPOT as well and may still pick one up. I was informed though that if its needed, that the person with the SPOT account is responsible for all bills associated with the emergency response and not the patient. I have worked in search and rescue long enough to know that calling in a helicopter for a rescue can and often does go into the $$$$$$. I may still do this, but would definitely appreciate any frequency help i could get.

Also, does anyone know how well the McDonald Observatory/ Jeff davis BBARC repeater works in jeff davis count? Looking at their coverage map, it is showing that their coverage stops south east of BTSR by a few miles. If i could hit that repeater, and IF someone was listening that would be the best approach. Thats why I'm looking at the other frequencies. Dispatchers are available 24/7 and not just whenever they feel like jumping on the local repeater.

Sorry for the long thread, and thank you in advance for all your help.

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