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Over-estimating your experience or under-estimating the terrain in a place like Big Bend can result in serious injury or death. Use the information and advice found here wisely. Climb/Hike/Camp/Drive at your own risk.

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« Reply #15 on: April 12, 2008, 02:23:53 PM »

Well, aside from your obvious sarcasm, if you think Steve Smith had anything other in mind than making a lot of money off gullible people,

 :rolling:  (I think you are on to me)

You mean he is not altruistic - didn't he settle up all of his outstanding debts to the fine folks out in west Texas that he owed a lot of money too?  Everyone from some survey company in Marathon or Alpine, the golf channel, food/liquor vendors, and of course Texas Monthly... - before he went and hid behind bankruptcy? 

Oh, I also forgot to include Lajitas International and the Lajitas airlines serving Lajitas, D/FW, and Austin...  as part of the resounding success.


Offline Roger, Roger

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« Reply #16 on: April 15, 2008, 09:37:07 AM »
The super wealthy are considerably less attracted to the middle of nowhere.

and how did you reach that conclusion all-seeing-one?

Well, there's always an exception, and you will note I said 'considerably less' not 'completely unattracted'.

There are plenty of billionaires that are interested in the middle of nowhere, just as there are many that could care less.  Same with many multi-millionaires.  Ted Turner, Brad Kelley, the Bass family, etc all own over a million acres of land.  Many of these billionaire types tend to buy large chunks in Colorado or other mountainous places, but the three I mention above own huge pieces of land that they essentially don't do anything with.  So I think you've got the same dynamics regardless of income.  Most middle class Texans don't care about the middle of nowhere any more than Paris Hilton does.


Offline cjacob

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« Reply #17 on: July 10, 2008, 12:08:11 AM »
Very pretty area.  Trac of land is a bit small considering the 11+ miles of river.   None the less its nice.  I was just reading the Ranch land review from T&M and VV country ranch land 2000+ acres was something like $250-$400.  Now I know its on the Devils but a 500%-800% up charge is a bit crazy.  Now if these where small tracks with frontage that would be another story.....

As for crazy people I have an investor I work with.  We buy vacant homes on the market greater then 150 days go for a 5 day close and pay 75-85 cents on the dollar.  These are cash offers backed up with a Home Equity Line of Credit of 1m.  My Client likes to use a print off of the account as proof of funds.  She is a mean German investor who making shit loads on currancy movements from Euros to dollars. Then takes the profits to beat up people stuck owning homes vacant on the market and turning them in to rentals.  Not a bad game.  I like her we have done 5 this year and her goal is to pick up 10 more this summer. 



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