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The Backroads / Re: Rincon 1
« Last post by BlindWilly on Today at 12:44:16 PM »
I've got E rated Ridge Grapplers too.
Last time there, we aired down to 18 psi as soon as we hit Casa Piedra road.  We stayed aired down the whole time there until just before we hit pavement, 4 days later.
Your Girlfriend, suspension and your back will thank you.
You'll need a compressor to air up, if you don't have one. Otherwise drive slowly back into Presidio to air up at the gas station.

Beach driving is a little different than driving in BBRSP.
For me, I always drive slow and watch the line you take. Sidewall punctures are "no bueno" out there.  Granted, your E Rated tire should do well, but no guarantees out there.
I carry a tire plug kit and a spare.

Here's a great map that's downloadable (I used it on my tablet with GPS):

Here's a guide to 4x4'ing in the park.

Have fun!
The one in front of the PJ Visitor Center had an Out of Order sign on one of my recent trips. I didn't test it, but I bet if I twisted the knob, water would have come out.

From bits and pieces I have gathered, I suspect the reasons are more mechanical in nature for the "water shortage" than a true lack of supply. For PJ, one of the wells is having issues of some sort. For the Basin, I recall mention of an issue with the pipe coming up from Oak Spring.  I suspect deferred maintenance may in fact be the culprit. Perhaps a bake sale would be in order?   :eusa_think:
I first noticed it during my Christmas trip.  The water spigot behind the visitor's center in the basin was gone.  I went in to ask what had happened to it.  The volunteers never knew it was there, and didn't know anything.  They said they had only been there a few weeks.

It was still gone when we were there this past week.  This time, I found a nose-ringed ranger at the front desk.  I asked what happened to it, and she said they took it out because of a water shortage.  If I need to get water, I should use the water fountain bottle filler station outside the front doors.  I asked how am I suppose to fill my 5 gallon container at that little bottle station?  I was directed to go to the campground some 1/2 mile away by road where there are plenty of spigots to use.

Hmmm....The water spigot that has been behind the visitor's center for as long as I remember was removed because of a water shortage, but the spigots at the campground are all still there.... :eusa_think:

So, were there a bunch of visitors standing around the thing, constantly turning it on, and waiting for water to come out?  But there was no water to be had?  Were the rangers tired of having to walk out there, and explain to the thirsty that no water will be coming out of the thing anytime soon because of a "water shortage"?

I guess turning it off underground and hanging a sign on it during a "water shortage" is way more difficult than permanently removing the entire thing?  Someone planned and placed it in that location for a reason.  Now some "customer service expert" decided that it was a bad idea?  Was it leaking, and the time and money to fix the dripping valve was too much so that the entire thing had to be removed?  Were people like me simply filling up big containers, then maliciously pouring it out just to waste the water?  You have some data to support this decision?

So, if you want to fill up your jugs, and drink the best tasting water that is available in the park, you must drive down to the Basin campground and use one of the many spigots down there.  Apparently none of them are affected by the "water shortage". :banghead:
good report on a cool place.  here we are about 10 years ago
The Terlingua/Study Butte Board / Re: Big Bend People
« Last post by House Made of Dawn on February 22, 2018, 05:42:14 PM »
+1  Big Bend draws unique people.

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The Terlingua/Study Butte Board / Re: Beer castle?
« Last post by PacingTheCage on February 22, 2018, 04:31:26 PM »
I'm a fan of beer castles. Do we get damsels in distress too??  :icon_lol:
The Terlingua/Study Butte Board / Re: Beer castle?
« Last post by Buck on February 22, 2018, 04:14:38 PM »
I support every man's right to go to hell in whatever way he chooses...   :beer_chug:
The Terlingua/Study Butte Board / Re: Beer castle?
« Last post by andrwtzel on February 22, 2018, 12:38:19 PM »
As more and more people venture into National Parks, entrepreneurs are going to look to capitalize on it.

While I don't think Big Bend will reach this level - take a look at Zion. While it's a fantastic park - the town of Springdale is tailor made for people who want to experience a national park without disconnecting from the conveniences of the modern world.

I'll stop in for a beer and to check it out. But, I will always take a cold beer at my campsite. Plenty of bars in this world, I don't need to go to Big Bend to be at one.
The Terlingua/Study Butte Board / Re: Beer castle?
« Last post by Slimkitty on February 22, 2018, 12:20:12 PM »
Last time I was in Terlingua, the only laundromat had shut down with no plans of reopening. We had to go all the way to Rio Grande village (where we ran into HMOD).  Tasty craft beer was, however, quite available.  Just sayin! 

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The Backroads / Re: Rincon 1
« Last post by Leon on February 22, 2018, 12:14:16 PM »
I'll definitely have as many maps that I can get my hands on and have lots of supplies
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