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Regional News / Re: NM bear encounter
« Last post by alan in shreveport on Today at 08:10:47 PM »
One question - why would a big game hunter wait until he was being mauled to shoot the bear ?
Regional News / NM bear encounter
« Last post by Quatro on Today at 07:17:47 PM »
Did you happen to see any ladybugs up there? On at least two previous occasions I have seen astonishing (to me anyway) numbers of ladybugs at or near the peak. Apparently they congregate during migration.

I didnt personally see any. But I didnt look. I've seen pictures of what you are talking about though. I guess it's not the right time of year yet? I'm really not sure. But one lady that was on the summit of Guadalupe Peak when I first got up there saw one or two and was talking about it because last time she had been up, there were a ton up there.
Your Trip Reports / Re: Flash July 22-28, 2018 Trip
« Last post by Imre on Today at 10:27:37 AM »
Awesome!!   :notworthy: Thank you for sharing. When do we get to the part about the painted redstart and the colima warblers?
Your Trip Reports / Re: Flash July 22-28, 2018 Trip
« Last post by Txlj on Today at 09:03:45 AM »
Thank you! Excellent pics

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Back in my rock climbing days in the Organ Mountains, we saw masses of ladybugs on the summits time after time, so much so that we began referring to them as "summit bugs".
Your Trip Reports / Re: Flash July 22-28, 2018 Trip
« Last post by badknees on Today at 06:34:22 AM »
Thanks for all the pictures!

Two comments...

1. The Quemada looks real dry for this time of year
2. Glad you spotted the aspens. Most people just walk on by. - Next time hike up to them.
Your Trip Reports / Re: Flash July 22-28, 2018 Trip
« Last post by Flash on August 13, 2018, 10:00:19 PM »

Wednesday July 25th - South Rim via the Laguna Meadow, Southwest Rim, Boot Canyon, and Pinnacles Trails

The Window from the lower part of the Laguna Meadow Trail.

Bear (?) tracks dried into the mud from the mid-july rains.

Next to my size 12 boot.

Another one...

Here is a third one I photographed. Looks like either a full print or a different foot perhaps.

Taking a break amongst the boulders.

Good thing my wife brought her running shoes on the trip for back up, after the mishap with her trail shoes. They seemed to be working fine for her.

Part of the ridge separating the Pinncales and Laguna trails.

Toward the top of the final set of switchbacks.

This agave was not quite ready to bloom.


Looking back down the trail.

The trail up ahead.

Hoping my camera might capture any sign of aspens. I see none here.

Higher now, it looks more and more like Emory Peak.

At the Pass, contemplating the Basin from a shady spot.

Standing in Laguna Meadow a ways south of LM1. Notice the talus slope in the upper lefthand corner.

Close up of the upper part of the talus slope. Mostly oak trees on the upper margins.

Close up of the lower part of the talus slope on Emory Peak. See the white trunks? Aspens!

We finished walking the length of Laguna, then turned east until we cut the main trail again.

Looking down Blue Creek Canyon.

Clouds are starting to bunch up some as we get higher up on the trail before it turns away from Blue Creek Canyon.

Looking from the south toward rugged Emory Peak and the talus pile as we head eastward toward upper Boot Canyon.

Zooming in at the lower reaches of the boulder pile, I think I see hints of aspen trunks that look pretty twisted. Wonder if this is due to the boulders shifting over time?

Agave in partial bloom as we approach Boot Canyon high above on the Southwest Rim Trail.

Looking back along the Southwest Rim Trail high over Boot Canyon.

Clouds are building up to the south and east. That is Crown Mountain in the distant center.

Crown Mountain through the Boot Canyon window.


Great billowing clouds were seen to the west.

Finally, we come over a rise just past SW4 and there it is! The sun is playing on the flanks of Elephant Tusk and Backbone Ridge!

It was a pretty dynamic setting with the mixture of light and shadows.

Looking to the southwest toward Blue Creek.

On the southernmost point of the South Rim, halfway between SW4 and the Boot Canyon Trail junction, looking northeasterly along the Rim. What is that off to the right?

Rain! Looking due east toward the Juniper Canyon Trailhead and Chilicotal Mountian, it looks like rain indeed.

Looking straight down the Rim from that same southernmost spot. What is that huge hole over there?

That hideout hole below the Rim needs to be explored...

Spotted a second rain shower between Dominguez Mountain and the Punta de la Sierra.

Sunlight was playing great tricks out in the Sierra Quemada.

Looking back over toward Chilicotal, the showers are now gone and replaced with a fluffy thunderhead.

We had moved on down the Rim, about a 1/10 mile past the Boot Canyon Tail junction, and found a place to have a late lunch before heading back. The rain has moved a bit closer.

Clouds were low granted, but in general the skies were hazier than usual, affecting all of our views throughout the week. I wondered if that infamous Saharan dust that had been present in Houston a few days earlier had moved west into the Trans-Pecos. To me it gave the Sierra Quemada a more mysterious look.

Looking due east, I zoomed in on the twin-crowned foothill in the center, which I have explored some in the past. Twice I camped in that hidden valley between the foothills and the Northeast and Southwest Rims. The gash to the right of the foothill is the north wall of the canyon wherein Lower Juniper Spring lies.

Hearing increased rumbling, we decided to move on and head back toward the Boot Canyon Junction. Rain is looking closer now...

Parting shot of ET before heading down the Boot Canyon Trail.

High meadows on our way down to Boot Creek. Looking left...

Up ahead...

Looking right...

More of High Chisos meadow.

Love these high grassy hillsides.

High kicking it in Boot Canyon.

Coming down through the Pinnacles, we passed this incredible Madrone tree!

To be continued...

Did you happen to see any ladybugs up there? On at least two previous occasions I have seen astonishing (to me anyway) numbers of ladybugs at or near the peak. Apparently they congregate during migration.
The Fort Davis Board / Re: Fort Davis Cyclefest
« Last post by GaryF on August 13, 2018, 07:38:16 PM »
We just spent a week in Frisco Colorado, mostly riding the recpath paved trails and general sightseeing. Its pretty nice out there this time of year.

Id love to do the Ft Davis rides one year, but limited vacation will keep it from happening this year.
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