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To clarify: the extra travel time depends on what you want to do in BBRSP and where you want to go there. From Park HQ to Park HQ, 2.5 hours but there are plenty of trailheads on the river road and you can register an Barton Warnock, about an hour from Panther Junction.
Non-BIBE Trip Reports / Re: Grand Canyon Fandango
« Last post by BlindWilly on Today at 02:31:11 PM »
General Questions and Answers / Re: El Campo IP address
« Last post by RichardM on Today at 02:14:06 PM »
See this topic for more discussion:
I noticed the El Campo system was down this morning, so I contacted the park and got this response:

The El Campo permitting system is no longer in existence, as of 5:00 pm Thursday.
General Questions and Answers / Re: Warming up down low
« Last post by RichardM on Today at 02:01:05 PM »
The TS645 weather station is now up north of Rosillos Peak at the landing strip.,-103.262483&t=t2&z=16&hillshade=18&coord=latlng&directions=off&mylocation=off&label=off&layers=off&screen=auto&streetview=on

Thanks, Richard. Back during my first cross-park attempt, in December 2016, I stumbled upon a weather station just east of the main park road and below the Santiago Mountains, located somewhere near 29.38.32 N/103.09.33 W.  I wonder if the new station at the Rosillos landing strip is intended as a replacement.
The one you found doesn't show up on the MesoWest map. There is a "permanent" one at Persimmon Gap.

The TS645 station is a mobile one that has been moved around the park through the years. At one time I think it was up near the Souheast Rim, but it spent the longest time at RGV. Hopefully the newer ones will stick around.
Nice!  Text and photos: that's about as good (and as encouraging) a water report as anyone hoping to do the OML in the next couple weeks could hope for. Well done, Joe. Hope you had a great trip and looking forward to your trip report.
Lodging Reviews / Re: Old-fashioned rooms at the Gage
« Last post by Joe The Real Deal on Today at 12:57:38 PM »
I stayed at the Gage last night. The $99 room was nicely decorated and modernized like the expensive rooms, and it had a sink in it.  Of course we had access to the common areas, too. And the chicken fried steak really hit the spot!
Big Bend Photographs / The Flatirons
« Last post by gnored on Today at 12:55:32 PM »
This is the view from Chorro Vista. Big Bend Ranch State Park.
Fresno creek had flowing water on 20 March. I was able to submerge my Nalgene bottle in this pool. (1st photo)

Upper Juniper spring had a small trickle on 21 March. I was able to partly submerge my Nalgene bottle if i held it sideways. (2nd photo)

Two pools had water in boot canyon on 21 March. I was able to fully submerge my Nalgene bottle to avoid the light scum on the surface of the upper pool. (3rd photo)
I've always wanted to hike the old Kincaid Trail

I had to look this one up also. I was able to find it by looking through various maps. Very cool. I love that there is a way to link the lower western side of the park. I'll definitely look into this one for winter as well. This thread has opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities at GUMO.
General Questions and Answers / Re: Why go in the Summer?
« Last post by BlindWilly on Today at 12:47:44 PM »
Sounds like I need to spend some quality time in the heat!  :afro:
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