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So they say...

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Re: So they say...
« Reply #15 on: April 12, 2018, 03:07:30 PM »
A motion to delay New Mexico hunting guides Walker Daugherty and Michael Bryant’s final plea deadline to May 8 was approved by 394th District Judge Roy Ferguson on Tuesday, following the introduction of new evidence from the defense.

According to Daugherty’s attorney Liz Rogers, a bullet lodged in the hunting guide following last year’s shootout at the Circle Dug Ranch in south Presidio County has been studied by a ballistics expert, who alleges that the bullet doesn’t match any of the firearms used by the hunting party the night of the fracas.

The ballistics expert, Rogers said, measured the bullet using x-rays taken in the hospital following the incident and a second x-ray taken recently.

Sounds like a Hail Mary last gasp to avoid culpability and penalty, but probably will just be a short delaying tactic. We'll see, I guess.

The bullet lodged in Daugherty, she added, cannot be extracted.

How convenient. The ballistics expert is "alleging" quite a bit without physical examination of the bullet.

According to Presidio County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Joel Nuñez, there was no evidence at the scene of an intruder, and two separate interviews with Bryant have indicated that the shooting was done entirely between members of the hunting party.

I bet this carries a lot more weight than the "new" "evidence."
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