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Boquillas del Carmen - What should you expect if you go across from BBNP

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Offline steelfrog

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Of course!  I just bought a Mexico topo but it isn't too detailed.  Have to get a  USGS one I guess.


Offline Al

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El Pico trip?

We climbed El Pico in January 2001....are you seriously wanting to do it?  Because I wanna try to do it again.  Tell me more!  :-)

Scott, what route did you take to get to and from El Pico?



Offline Flash

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Here is a bit of the Joint Ops topo map form UT libraries...  8)
For more go see the following:


Offline Steph4KSU

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Re: Boquillas del Carmen - What should you expect if you go across from BBNP
« Reply #33 on: January 15, 2014, 05:10:23 AM »
I know this is waaaay behind the thread, but I wanted to post an update. We spent last week in Big Bend, including a couple of hours in Boquillos. I will definitely be going back! The ferry was $5/person, as were the round-trip burro rides into town. Victor the singing Mexican welcomed us into the country!  :) In Boquillos, Lupe was our guide and showed us around the entire town, answering my many many questions cheerfully. We even got to watch a family in the process of building a new adobe house!! The entire village is solar-powered, which I thought was amazing! We bought quite a few wire scorpion and cacti to bring home with us. The restaurant with the patio dining (the smaller cafe) has the best tamales, tortillas, and frijoles you'll ever eat! Take lots of $5 bills as change for a $20 is hard to come by. The changes in town since the border re-opened are obvious: some repairs on older buildings, a few new buildings, and colorful fresh coats of paint. The people we talked with were relaxed, friendly, and welcoming. If anyone ever gets the opportunity to visit, take it!!


Offline Red Hawk

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We made the crossing in Feb. Victor is still there, singing opera. The two new boats of The Boquillas International Ferry are rowed by ten or twelve different guys who only get to work one day a week. After the "perilous crossing", a truck ride is simplest to get the 3/4 mile to town.

Things are really looking up. There are now two Falcons restaurants, not related, on opposite sides of the street. The original, on the left, is still in the family. Lots of high end solar gear keeps the beer cold. She has a nice gift shop with locally made clothing, baskets and crafts. There are two churches: Baptist and Catholic. The bigger kids are only in the street selling stuff after school (I counted more than a dozen at recess). They're low key and not at all pushy. While we were there nearly everybody was re-painting the entire town, even the ruins. Seems the Governor thought the place looked too shabby so he personally bought the paint. Lots of green, yellow, turquoise, blue and white.

Boquillas folk are poor but proud. Don't condescend, and don't be cheap (pinche gringo). Most younger people speak english and appreciate it when you remember their names. It's well worth a visit.
Barn's burnt.
I can see the moon.


Offline Jimbow

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I live on the border and the advice I always give people who head across  to buy things is to let the children in the group negotiate as sharply as the can. But adults should proabbly consider what that last dollar means to them versus the vendor.
Everything is in walking distance if you have enough time.



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