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Has anyone recently gone by horseback from Boquillas into the Sierra del Carmen?

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Offline mfanyafujo

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I was in Boquillas earlier this year and a fellow I met mentioned that they take folks by horseback up into the mountains, and some park rangers verified that it was doable. Has anyone recently gone up into the Sierra del Carmen or Maderas del Carmen by horseback or otherwise? Any recommendations for getting a guide in Boquillas and the best time of year to go? Thanks in advance for any advice.


Offline ans015

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I have been wanting to do this also. There are a couple of trip reports from people doing trips south of the border. Also does anyone know how safe it is with all that has been going on in mexico?


Offline Jalco

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There are several trip reports (most of them dated) on the forum from folks who have ventured across to Boquillas and beyond its environs.

It is my understanding that much of the Maderas del Carmen is owned by Cemex, the Mexican cement company, and is managed as a private reserve by it/them.  "In the Shadow of the Carmens" is a good book to read regarding this.

As to the safety of travel in Mexico, in my opinion, much of the hue and cry we hear/read is overblown.  I have friends who travel back and forth with no problem.  Like anywhere else, pay attention, be aware of your surroundings, and don't go "where you ain't supposed to".  Boquillas, for sure, would be safe enough.  They would appreciate the dollars.



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