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Title: help with trip planning
Post by: otter on January 11, 2008, 08:01:40 PM
This is my first time to BIBE. I'm an educator and so unfortunately spring break is the time I'll be coming. I will be leaving from the NortheastTexas Pineywoods and staying at S Llano River SP on the way out and back, so I'm thinking that I'll exit I35 at Georgetown take 29 to 377 then from the park take 377 with a stop at Devils River SNA then on to Del Rio and 90 to Marathon then on to Terlingua. Would like to go to Acuna for lunch,but have a dog so probably can't cross the border.  Any other suggestions?
I'm looking for sunrises and sunsets and scenery to photograph, solitude, some short hikes, and somewhere to have a good meal at the end of the day. Looking for the best way to spend 4 full days, not counting travel days.
Hoping to get some suggestions from folks in the know. BTW the dog will be spending some time at Terlinqua kennels while I venture out.
Title: Re: help with trip planning
Post by: BigBendHiker on January 11, 2008, 08:38:26 PM
Hi Otter!
You will definitely enjoy your trip to BIBE.  As you can see from the postings on this board, it is a magical and beautiful place.

For short hikes:
1.  Try the Lost Mine Trail to the saddle (2 mile round trip) which from there, you have a great view of the southeast rim and Elephant Tusk off in the distance.
2.  Burro Meso Pouroff
3.  The Window Trail (~ 4.8 miles if you go from the trailhead at the campground)
4.  Rio Grande Village Nature Trail
5.  Hike to the Hot Springs
For places to eat:
1.  The Basin Restaurant is quite good and the view from the restaurant is spectacular.
2.  The Starlight Theatre in Terlingua is good; on Mondays, they have two for one burgers and the burgers are good.
3.  In Study Butte you have the Big Bend Motor Inn Restaurant, Los Paisanos, Road Runner Deli and others.

Hope this helps. Enjoy the trip, take lots of pictures and post your pictures and trip report upon your return.  Seeing the pictures and stories from those who have made recent trips gives the rest of us a much needed BIBE boost and tides us over until we can make our trip and get our Big Bend fix!

Title: Re: help with trip planning
Post by: East Texan on January 11, 2008, 09:13:26 PM
Hey otter.  When are you going?  I'll be there on my first trip too.  I'll arrive at the park on Saturday, Jan. 26 staying thru Tuesday, Jan 29th.  I too, am going primarily for a photo shoot.  Here's my planned itinerary after researching the board and getting a lot of good advice from the benders here.

Saturday: Leave Austin to SA thru Del Rio to Hwy 90.  Stop at the bridge for photos of the Pecos River.  Thru Marithon, arrive in park around 2:00 (I'm leaving Austin early).

Stop at the fossil exhibit area - Shoot the hoodos near there.

On to panther junction and maybe drive up into the basin if time allows.
I want to be at Maverick Junction by sunset for my first sunset shots.
Then into Terlingua to check in at motel.

Sunday Up by 6:00 am to get down to Santa Elena for sunrise.
Hike into Santa Elena if Terlingua creek is not up.

Back up Ross Maxwell Senic Drive to see the sights along there:

        Cerro Castellan
        Mule Ears Overlook
        Short Hike on Chimmeys Tr.
        Solto Vista Overlook
        Maybe a little walk to Burro Mesa Pouroff if time allows
        Get a shot of Casa Grande thru the windows.;topic=2840.0;attach=1677 (;topic=2840.0;attach=1677)
        Spend time in the Basin
        Sunset shot from the windows
        Dinner in the Basin
        Back to Terlingua to download all my pics.

        Up early to get to Panther Junction for sunrise shots.
        Hike (at least first mile) of Lost Mine Trail
        Down to RGV
        Rio Grand Overlook
        Boquillas Overlook
        Maybe a short walk into Boquillas Canyon trail if I'm not worn from  Lost mine hike.
        Sunset shots at RGV nature trail.
        Crash out in Terlingua
        No specific plans - possibilities are Sunrise at Grapevine Hills
        or maybe a trip into Ernst Tajania (if I can find someone to go with)
        Rock formations there are incredible.
        Drag myself up to Marathon
        Back to Austin via I-10

I've got a 2 gig chip and a 4 gig chip along with a new portable 40 gig HD  so I'm not going to run out of "film"  :icon_rolleyes:

I don't know if I'll get all of this done in 3 days but at least I have a plan before I get there.

I'll post pictures and trip report when I get back.

Enjoy your trip!


Title: Re: help with trip planning
Post by: East Texan on January 11, 2008, 09:15:26 PM
 :eusa_boohoo: oops:
Just read you are going at spring break.  But better than nothin. Anyway, I'll be back and file my trip report by then.

Good luck
Title: Re: help with trip planning
Post by: otter on January 12, 2008, 06:49:53 AM
Hey guys thanks for the invaluable info, I had almost decided not to go Spring Break (busiest time),and op for summer (Hot, but stormy, so good weather/landscape pics), or wait til next Christmas,but I'm only a few years shy of when my mother died (56, of cancer, many yrs ago) so my motto is never put off til tomorrow what you can do today! None of us should, IMHO.
I know I'm going during a busy time, but it's a big place so hopefully I can find some solitude as well as good pics. And hopefully I will have other ops to go other times of the year in the future.  I just mailed my deposit for my room and I'm getting really excited! Thanks again
Title: Re: help with trip planning
Post by: aggiehiker on January 14, 2008, 02:10:15 PM
You can take dogs across to Acuna and back without any problems. My parents take theirs along on rides into Mexico. Check with the Customs Agency though just in case they want vaccination proof. You could walk across, or take a taxi, but that would mean leaving your dog in the car. There are secure places to pay to park near the bridge.

Plan on a half day or more for the trip into Devil's River SNA-the road into it is long! If Dolan Creek us flowing, there are two beautiful crossing on the way to the Devil's River(passable only on foot or 4wd.

At the Pecos highbridge, take the road down to the boat ramp. There's a great view of the bridge from water level-especially if you have a zoom. There are several places along the way near Dryden and Shumla that offer great sunset photos-either windmills or old buildings to use in the shot.