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Into the Fold
« on: July 03, 2013, 09:34:49 AM »
this is also in the forum 'who are you'
sorry its so long.

Good Morning and a Happy Monday to you!!

 First timer/Newbie to Big Bend! love climbing, hiking, camping. in the service with 4 deployments so knowing how to prepare for this trip is a given for me. been planning this trip for a long time, picked big bend originally because persimmion gap picnic area is considered to be a True Dark Site (meaning absolutely no ambient light polution to block the night sky) but then discoverd alot of things can be enjoyed there other than just the night sky. would LOVE some suggestions on where to go what to see etc. below are things im intersted in as well as restrictive conditions

first there will be 8 of us, three of them child aged 3-7 (but they are tough as nails cause we celebrate anything that doesn't make you bleed and reward a few that do!). second there are some physical restrictions so no trails above a moderate difficulty or anything taking longer that 6 hours (thats pushing it a little) to hike at a leisurely pace (although i may go out on my own if anyone can provide an EXCEPTIONALLY rewarding experience on a harder trail). third, floating in tubes on the river, allowed/locations? and which ruins would be the best to visit? oh and this might sound crazy but are there any trails good for night hiking?

i am going to big bend for the first time ever on the 5th of july. going to get there with just enough time to get to the panther visitor center before it closes. and then leaving on the 8th first thing in the morning. bringing 3 tents, 2 big one small, a shower tent and a screen house, no trailers (thats cheating) and was considering cottonwood because of its proximity to the river and the store. going to be grilling dinner on day 1, breakfast and dinner on day 2, and just dinner on day 3 (considering day one is arrival day) have MRE's (Meal Ready to Eat, mmmm army food) for the rest of the meals (excepting day 4).

ok so recap:
day 1 arrival between 3 and 5. evening available after setting up camp.
day 2 available after breakfast until dinner. eating lunch on the trail (yes i know how to pick up after myself)
day 3 available until dinner. breakfast and lunch can be on trail
day 4 unavailable.

 so thanx for helping, nice to meet you, planning on coming back in the winter if this goes well, and remember to shake a soldiers hand even if you dont like them or what they do because they fight everyday for your right to say so in the first place.

thanks again and god bless texas!!

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