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OML starting at Juniper Canyon trailhead and exploring Elephant Tusk trail

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Offline gglauser

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Planning on doing the OML clockwise starting at Juniper Canyon Trailhead. My question is just about the first day. I'm looking to hike west along the Dodson and then I wanted to know if I could hike down Adler Spring until it meets up w/Elephant Tusk trail or if I should just hike down ET. I plan to camp near Hop Spring, but then explore Jump and Skip Tinajas. Then the next day hike back up to the Dodson and continue the OML. I would appreciate any input from someone who's hike the area before. TIA!


Offline mule ears

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You can definitely walk down the Adler was and I would just walk up the Fresno wash back to the Dodson and not try to find and follow the ET trail west of the wash, it is very overgrown and hard to find.
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Offline elhombre

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About 3 hours to walk from the Juniper/dodson parking lot to Zapata Spring at the base of Tortuga.  Pass Adler on the east side.  Even then, the "path" around Adler is full of catclaw.  Expect to be on the receiving end of some personal "desert pin stripping".  Below Adler is clear creek walking.  ME is right on with walking back up the Fresno drainage to meet up with the Dodson again.
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