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Second visit, but first solo trip. Questions about itinerary, campsites & more

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Offline House Made of Dawn

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 :great:  On the other hand, the rain seems to be cooling things down a great deal.  Just on a cursory glance, it looks like everything reachable north of the Rio Grande is cooler than BBRSP.  Very best of luck to you!
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Offline horns93

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Thanks again everyone.  I'm going to stick to my original plan of doing the observatory Friday night, and then hitting up the park first thing in the morning.  With the discovery of the El Campo system, at least I can check the availability of my preferred BC or primitive car camping sites prior to leaving Alpine before the crack of dawn on Saturday.  If all of my choices are taken on Friday night, I can save myself the time of standing in line at Panther Junction for no reason, and for that, I'm thankful. 

I'm guessing the rain will further limit the places I could try to reach, if they were even still up grabs...  So now the question is, do I go straight to the Basin to try to snag a site there (which was originally my plan A)....or head over to my backup plan at Medera Canyon in BBRSP?  The more I read trip reports, the more I long for the remoteness.  But....the heat?  I guess I'm just looking for someone to make the decision for me.   :icon_eek:

I have mixed feelings about the weather.  It looks like I'm in for overcast skies (and possible storms) on Saturday evening and Sunday.  This is a bummer because I WANT to see those stars.  Last time I was in BiBe, it was a full moon, so I have yet to witness this Majesty.  But then on the other hand, a good rain sure would cool things down a bit, and I could do more, given I don't venture into a flood zone.  So...I don't know how to feel but I'm trying to keep a positive attitude either way.  Plus, if no stars are out, that'll just give me an excuse to come back in the fall.

Wish me luck!

I would stick with Plan A. If you can't get a site perhaps you might hike down into the open zone areas down the Juniper and camp for the night. Best of luck this weekend!



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