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Title: Alpine Montessori School
Post by: Alpine Montessori School on August 28, 2013, 08:08:58 PM
Hoping that the mods will just delete this if it is deemed inappropriate, I'm just looking for every venue I can find to publicize this!

Our local Montessori school (alpine, not marfa) is a small nonprofit school that has been serving area children for 25 years. We are trying to establish a scholarship fund to help us pay for our low income students. We currently extend scholarships to pretty much anyone who asks, but we don't have the money to back those scholarships up. Our school tuition is as low (or lower) than they come, and our staff are not high-paid. We promise we use every dollar wisely, and our tax returns are online (see our website) to prove it.

Our students get to grow up in this beautiful countryside and enjoy hands-on lessons in BBNP, Fort Davis SP, the CDRI and on our own grounds. We pull in as many local expert speakers as we can to enhance their education and connection to the great place we live.

If you love Alpine, or Montessori schools, or both, please consider donating a dollar or two to our scholarship campaign? ( Every dollar counts in this huge but tiny cash-strapped county. Thanks for your consideration.