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Title: Road Grader
Post by: Cisco Kid on November 23, 2016, 06:47:50 PM
Wife an I were touring the Old Ore Road and we had stopped at an overlook just before the big hill climb where the road s-curves/switch backs to the top of the gravel plane. As we started up the YJ would not accelerate up the hill. I put her in 4 Low and idled up the hill to the top. I was about half way through the trip. As we got to the top there was a road grader dressing the road from Dagger Flats. It was the biggest road grader I have ever seen and I was an equipment operator. He stopped and we talked about my problem. He checked the Jeep out as I did and we had no reason for the problem. He was a really nice guy (For an equipment operator)

As we talked I told him that my Father and a friend were in the park and he took my Dad's phone number. He called park HQ and they called my Dad, and on his way he went. About an hour later here came my Dad and his friend driving at least 40 miles and hour over the north end of the Ore Road. Well I started on up the road with Pop following and the road was like the highway. Slowly I got up speed to 40 and it was as smooth as it could be. Had ot low range at the Mckinny Springs but was pedaling the gas which seemed to work better. We got back to Terlingua and the garage there. It turned out it was the fuel pump in the tank. Next morning Pop took us to Alpine where I got the pump from AutoZone. When got back to Terlingua and they had the tank dropped and the pump was in in 1 hour.
Moral of the story: You can drive 40 MPH on the Old Ore Road, and my Dad and  I are probably the only persons to do so....sober!

If that ain't true then it ought to be

Title: Re: Road Grader
Post by: ds9writer on November 28, 2016, 10:27:09 AM
40!! Wow!

I always thought that 25mph sign should read 2.5!  :)

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