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Border Patrol Gunfight in the Big Bend Region

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Re: Border Patrol Gunfight in the Big Bend Region
« Reply #60 on: December 31, 2017, 11:11:44 PM »
Coach always warned us about playing “grab ass”.

The "no plausible explanations forthcoming" silence also suggests the possibility of something/anything else they do not want us to know. 

II do not engage in a lot of conspiracy theorizing about the whats, but I do not trust their silence,


I do not engage in conspiracy theories, but agencies and companies are well-known to close ranks around things they'd rather not admit to in public. Hunkering down trumps honesty and transparency until outside forces intervene. Remember what happened to BP Agent Brian Terry in AZ with the secret Fast and Furious gun running scheme that killed him. DOJ and the administration were as busy as a cat trying to cover sh*t on a tin roof before it blew up in their face.

Do not be surprised if this slowly fades away without resolution and then, one day, we wonder what became of it.

It already is trending that way with other news helpfully displacing this story.

Like a newly pregnant Kardashian

Fake news - she eats a lot of bagels....



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