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Title: Backpacking Trip Reports Index 2015+
Post by: mule ears on July 21, 2015, 04:09:04 PM
Once again we have had so many really good trip reports in the last year :icon_biggrin: that I had to start a third reports page to hold them all. 

All reports 2004 to 2010  are here ( and reports from 2011 to 2014 are here (  I will continue updating the Index with new reports on this thread.  If there is not a report here, in an area you are looking for, be sure to look in the other indexes.

As a reminder these are backpacking trip reports (only those that involve an overnight, no day hikes unless it is a special case or place)  to make them easier to find for those planning backcountry trips.  Enjoy.  As usual, if I miss a backpacking trip report that should be here let me know.

Chisos/South Rim
Jonathan Sadow  4/15 (BC3) (
Dr. Stack  1/16  SW3 and more (
apinerockfiend  3/16 1st trip (SW4, SW3) (
Flash  4/16 Exploration of Juniper canyon (
badknees  6/16  LW1, SW4 (
cookie and el hombre  7/16  SE3 (!/)
badknees 7/16  LW1, NE4, SW4 (  Aspens on Emory Peak
JonathanSadow  8/16 LM1 (
badknees  9/16 Summer rains (LW1, SE1) (
DuneYeti  10/16 SE1 (
Jonathan Sadow  4/17  PI2 (
horns93  5/17  NE3 (
Homer Wilson  12/17 (LW1, Pinnacles) (
sascicign  5/18 (BL1, SW4) (
Hookim  8/18  (SW3) (!/)  with bears in the camp

The Outer Mountain Loop (OML)
michaelwiggins  1/15 solo (
Kendrick  1/15 with rain (
dougstar  1/15 counter clockwise with snow! (
dprather  4/15  starting at Juniper trailhead ( with several rescues along the way!
andrwtzel  11/15 (
bswiz  11/15 with some issues (!)/)
congahead  11/15 (
peteopp  12/15 in the snow (
JayM  1/16 A pair of New Jerseyans takle BB
 (  3/16 rookie (
Prexys Moon  3/16 (  counterclockwise with S. Rim
jimc  3/16 (  counterclockwise with S. Rim
nuggetf5  11/16 solo (
traveljunkie523  11/16  !st time in BB, CCW  ( Homer Wilson start
evidog  12/16  CCW from HW (
riggs  12/16 from HW with a large group (
jmac56  2/17 (
Fry  2/17 (
Scout1320  2/17 (
Cope  2/17 (
sarahmarish  2/17 solo ( from Minn., great report
Goose1221  4/17 ( full report, HOT
JK142  4/17  clockwise from HW ( with his 66 yr. old dad!
nyoung  5/17  Juniper start (, late May!
nuggetf5  10/17  CCW from HW (, great report
watcher82  10/17 (  nice lessons learned
hiker4life  11/17 (  great report
sydneybvk  11/17  solo (, female
PacingTheCage  11/17  ( didn't make it
photopam  11/17 solo CCW from HW (
alpamayo  12/17 solo (, beautiful report
dprather  12/17 (  Juniper start
cajunlimeys  12/17 (  father and son with all the rims
coolhandsluke  12/17  solo ( 1st time
horns93  12/17 solo CCW ( from Juniper
ckrenitsky  1/18 (
wrangler88  2/18 solo ( CCW from Homer Wilson with video
cookie & elhombre  2/18  with side adventures (
randomcards  2/18 (
miatarchy04  2/18  solo at 65 (
defcoord  2/18  CCW from Homer Wilson ( with video
WNdx  2/18 solo (
bitter_melon  3/18  didn't make it (
VincentWKing  3/18 solo at 60 (
Cjohn  3/18 Homer Wilson start clockwise (
Col. Forbin  3/18 with video (
Joe The Real Deal  3/18 with video (
Homer Wilson  8/18  ( a one day OML!

East side of the park
Marufo Vega

angryocotillo  1/16 going counterclockwise (
congahead  2/17 (
apinerockfiend  3/16 1st trip (

Strawhouse and Telephone Canyon
mule ears and Robert 2/17  ( of a longer trip includes Ernst Basin/Tinaja and Ore Terminal

Dog Canyon and Devils Den
randell  3/15 (

Banta Shut-In
DesertRatShorty 12/17  Up Tornillo creek bridge to bridge (

Sierra Quemada and the center of the park
Elephant Tusk area

cookie and elhombre  12/15  ET summit and middle Quemadas in the snow (!/)
Reece  2/16  From the South (

Dominguez Spring
Lance  3/15 Dominguez ridge run Jack's pass to pt. 5386 ('s-pass-to-pt-5386/)

Mariscal Mountain including Cross Canyon
Metal Man  1/16  ( of a longer trip
Lud  11/17 (  part of a longer trip
mule ears  12/17 (  part of a longer trip

Badlands NE of Elephant Tusk

Mule Ears area
mule ears and Robert 1/16 SW SQ Ramble (
Kbhickey  2/16  Mule Ears>Smoky spring>Dominquez spring>Smoky Creek trail>Mule Ears (  great loop
Robert  12/17 Smoky Creek to San Jacinto spring (

Chimneys area
randell  3/15 (
congahead 2/18 cross country (

Other and Longer trips in the Quemada
Cookie & el hombre  3/15  ET/Dominguez/ET with a summit of ET (!/)
Robert  2/15 Juniper trailhead/Dodson/Tortuga/Waterworks/ET/Fisk canyon/Smoky Creek/Dodson/Juniper (
johnsigmon  12/15  HW>Smoky Creek>Dominguez>Cow Heaven>ET>HW with some problems (
mule ears and Robert 1/16 SW SQ Ramble (  Mule Ears>Smoky spring>Punta de la Sierra>Casitas spring>Black Dike>Lower Smoky creek
BradATX  11/16 (  Mule Ears>Dominguez>Waterworks>Dodson>Smokey Creek
Cookie and elhombre  11/16  Explorations of upper Fresno drainage (!/)
Stevebo  11/16 (  HW>Dodson>Smoky Creek>Mule Ears
Flash  12/16  Explorations of lower Juniper canyon (
Reece  2/17  HW>Smoky Creek>Mule Ears at 70 yrs. old! (
Desert Rat Shorty  2/17  Mule Ears>Jack's Pass>Dominguez Peak>ET>Dodson>Smoky Creek (

NW side of the park
Mesa de Anguila (MDA)
fencepost2000 11/15 below the mouth of Bruja canyon (
Homer67  11/15  Down to Entrance camp and around (
seththesailor  12/15 ( climb over the mesa, down to entrance camp and packraft back down the canyon!
Lance  1/17  Massive trip ('s-canyon-mesa-de-anguila/)
congahead  2/17 (
Desert Rat Shorty  3/17  solo (
gglauser  12/17 solo (

Badlands near Maverick Jct.

Christmas Mountains
Robert  12/16  All alone in NO1 (

Slickrock Canyon, etc
DesertRatShorty  12/17 Indian Head to Slickrock canyon (

Burro Mesa area
cookie & elhombre  11/15 exploration of Burro Mesa (

Long cross country trips
Basin to somewhere or somewhere to the Basin
MetalMan  1/16 HW>Dominguez>Mariscal Mountain>ET> Juniper>Basin (  Awesome!
Lud  11/17  Basin>Blue Creek>Dodson>Smoky Creek>Jack's Pass>Dominguez>Mariscal Mtn. (  with some trouble
Lonehiker  1/18  Homer Wilson>Smoky Creek>Fisk Canyon>Dominguez spring>Mariscal Rim Trail>Cross Canyon Trail>ET>Juniper>Basin ( In 5 days!

Other long trips
House Made of Dawn  12/17  Round the Bend in 14 days (
mule ears and Robert  2/17 Ernst Basin>Ore Terminal>MV>Arroyo Venado>Telephone canyon (
PeterO  2/17  Mule Ears>Jacks Pass>Mariscal Mines>ET>Dodson>Smoky Creek>Mule Ears (
House Made of Dawn  11-12/17  Round the Bend in 16 days, There and not quite back again (
PeterO  12/17  Mule Ears>Jacks Pass>Mariscal Mtn.>ET>Upper Fisk canyon>Smoky Creek>Mule Ears (
mule ears  12/17  Mule Ears>Smoky Creek>Fresno Drainage>Mariscal Mtn.>Dominguez>Fisk Canyon>Mule Ears (
vgeh  12/17 Mule Ears>Jacks Pass>Mariscal Mtn.>ET>Dodson>Smoky Creek>Mule Ears ( in 4 days!
Title: Re: Backpacking Trip Reports Index 2015+
Post by: mule ears on July 21, 2015, 04:23:24 PM
I was a whole year behind in updating the index pages.  Some awesome reports here like Robert's MDA and Quemada trips.  Lance's Dominguez ridge run and el hombre's ET climb and Basin to Castolon walks.  dprather's solo OML where he helps with two rescues.

Many more great ones, 17 in all.  Look at both indexes to see them all.

Keep posting those great reports folks!

As usual Richard can we make this thread a sticky too, thanks!
Title: Re: Backpacking Trip Reports Index 2015+
Post by: mule ears on February 27, 2016, 10:33:33 AM
Another dozen trip reports including some good OML's, and MDA's.  johnsigmons Sierra Quemada loop including Cow Heaven mountain.  A nice loop out of Mule Ears to Dominguez by Kbhickey and MetalMan's massive Homer Wilson to Mariscal Mountain and back to the Basin!
Title: Re: Backpacking Trip Reports Index 2015+
Post by: ambersdad on March 14, 2016, 05:58:12 AM
I spent 6 hours going through trip reports yesterday.   There are some great ones in here.

ME, Thanks so much for putting these together in one location! Impressive!  :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:   It would have taken days instead of hours what I was able to get done.
Title: Re: Backpacking Trip Reports Index 2015+
Post by: mule ears on November 28, 2016, 07:48:05 AM
Getting caught up before the fall/winter reports start rolling in.  16 more from January including several interesting OML's, badknees's super green summer Chisos trips, BradATX's long loop in the Quemada and seththesailor's amazing MDA with a packraft back through Santa Elena!

Enjoy and as always if I missed some let me know. 

I am looking forward to some amazing trip reports from this coming hiking season!  Keep 'em coming.    :great:

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and maybe spent it in the park!
Title: Re: Backpacking Trip Reports Index 2015+
Post by: Robert on November 28, 2016, 08:39:52 AM
Thanks for doing all of this Alex, you don't know how often I use this! 
Title: Re: Backpacking Trip Reports Index 2015+
Post by: evidog on December 16, 2016, 08:33:19 AM
Mule Ears:  Back from the OML and have a trip report with pics ready. Should I just post it here or is there a better spot?  Thanks!
Title: Re: Backpacking Trip Reports Index 2015+
Post by: mule ears on December 16, 2016, 08:40:47 AM
You can do a new topic here in the trip reports board, look forward to it

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Title: Re: Backpacking Trip Reports Index 2015+
Post by: mule ears on January 01, 2018, 08:39:10 AM
Happy New Years Y'all!

Finally catching up on trip reports.  Lots of great stuff including 23 new OML's, Lance and Desert Rat Shorty's MDA's, Roberts explorations around the base of the Christmas mtns., Reece going down Smoky Creek to Mule Ears at age 70!,  Some really ambitious long trips around the park including of course both of HMoD's epics! 

Enjoy and of course if I missed some let me know.
Title: Re: Backpacking Trip Reports Index 2015+
Post by: mule ears on October 11, 2018, 11:42:14 AM
Hey all, getting caught up on trip reports before the fall/winter season really starts.  28 new reports since last December with 14 OML's including Homer Wilson, Lance and Steel Frog's one day OML and several with videos

Some massive trips from Lonehiker, vgeh and PeterO.  DesertRatShorty's walks up Rough Run and Tornillo Creek. 

Some unusual areas like congaheads short trip around the Chimneys area and Roberts explorations from Smoky Creek to San Jacinto spring.

As always let me know if I missed any.   ;D
Title: Re: Backpacking Trip Reports Index 2015+
Post by: Robert on October 11, 2018, 12:40:39 PM
Thanks again for creating and maintaining this index. It is a great resource for those of us who appreciate all the information that these trip reports provide.
Title: Re: Backpacking Trip Reports Index 2015+
Post by: House Made of Dawn on October 11, 2018, 03:56:21 PM
+1, ME...your index is a huge service to the BBC community. Itís helped me a bunch over the years. Thanks for all the hard work!

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