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Big Bend... As a Day Trip?!?

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Re: Big Bend... As a Day Trip?!?
« Reply #15 on: October 15, 2017, 11:27:47 AM »
I obviously need to update my notification settings but I will definitely revisit this thread in a few days to look into what you have mentioned, but yes I need to derive some income and I do believe without tubes and without chatting is what many are after. Narration can wait for my wildlife documentaries from the park when I have a bit more suitable footage, and even then... Critters tend to stand on their own without my crazy commentary :)

Excellent photography and video.

 I was worried at first, (was I alone?) sort of afraid you were going on top of a mountain to tell us that you:  had cancer;   were going blind;  getting a divorce;  whatever bad thing could happen.
So very glad I was wasting my worries and that you are moving on to something you love.

And now for something completely different.......

I'm not sure how you are planning to put (less  ;) ) food on the table, but I'm assuming at least some of the revenue will be from YouTube traffic?

If so, then I recommend supplementing your videos with some made just for ASMR. I can't do it anymore (experience ASMR, my advanced age I expect may have killed it for me  :icon_cry: ) but I was able to enjoy it in my 30s (when I didn't know it had a name and never explained it to anyone for fear of being considered nutty) and I can still recognize most ASMR triggers. Your videos without music or narration would be great for that. Just the sound of the gravel crunching underfoot and the wind and birds chirping with the video of walking down the trail with the occasional close attention to a specific flower or insect or bird is perfect. There are a huge number of ASMR videos on the 'Tube, but if you were to concentrate on "Nature ASMR"  I think your expertise would quickly rise your videos to the top of that niche.  However, I'm frequently wrong, still you'd enjoy making them and many would enjoy watching them. Hopefully you'd at least break even and or gain the attention of someone that liked your work and wanted to hire you to do something you'd really enjoy doing.

Best wishes for this new chapter in your life!
Get busy living, or get busy dying.



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